Friday, March 02, 2007

John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog March 2, 2007

Let’s talk some tech!

The new political arena
If you are like me, you get incredibly tired of political ads the closer we get to November every other year. Many people probably try to escape watching TV by going to popular video sharing Web sites to get their fix. Well it looks like you still won’t be able to escape. is going to help give the candidates a leg up this year by getting their messages out. In theory this is great, as long as the candidates stick to promoting themselves. You know what is coming. Get ready for the mud to start flying.
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High-speed power lines
Forget about cable modems or wireless connections. We’ll soon be able to get high-speed Internet over our power lines. This is a very interesting story about the emerging technology and the benefits it could provide the electrical companies.
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A better weather predictor
It’s amazing what you can find on the Web. There are sites that can show you a satellite photo of your house. If you look closely enough, you might be able to see you on the porch. That’s nothing compared to where we are headed. Here’s one example that will just scratch the surface. The Weather Channel,, is revamping their online offerings next week to provide truly localized weather reports. It’s one thing to get a forecast of you general area, but if you are a weather nut, the new technology will provide you a pinpoint report down to your neighborhood.
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Going overboard on your E-signature
Do you view e-signatures as a nuisance or a help? True, they are great for passing along your contact info without having to attach an e-card each time. But do your e-mail recipients need them or even want them? According to manners mavens, people tend to go overboard with the information listed on the e-signature. They add Web sites, blog addresses, physical addresses, etc. Before you know it, your reader has to scroll through a dozen lines of text to find your phone number, and that’s only if you remembered to use it. No matter what side of this issue you land on, my advice is keep it simple.
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Off topic:
Is any athlete clean?
It seems that every week there is another major story in the press about a steroids ring that got busted that always accuses a major sports figure of doping. Is anyone in pro sports clean, or should we just assume that everyone is doping? It’s getting incredibly hard to look past it. Every time you see an athlete perform some major feat, I assume he must be on the sauce. It’s very, very sad. I grew up in an era in which our sports heroes accomplished all their feats naturally. Ok, I know I don’t have any concrete proof. Maybe guys back in the day were doping, but you certainly didn’t see a major news story about it every two weeks. Take it one step further though. Take Henry Aaron for instance. Look at his physical stature. Aaron by no means looked like he was using any performance enhancing drugs. He NEVER showed any physical signs. Now look at Barry Bonds. A story published last week pointed out that in the book “Game of Shadows” the author’s report that Bonds’ shoe size grew from a 10 ½ to a size 13 since he joined the Giants in 1993. Bonds has been accused of taking Human Growth Hormone (HGH). He adamantly denies these accusations and has never failed a test. But how does someone’s shoe size grow 2 ½ sizes as an adult? It seems a little fishy to me.
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That’s all the news I have for now. Have a good week!

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