Friday, March 25, 2005

John W. Scherer Blog-March 26, 2005

Peace to Terri and her Family
I won’t add to the non-stop debate about Terri Schiavo and her nationally televised ordeal other than to say I wish Terri peace and comfort, and that somehow, some way, her family can heal after going through this 15 year ordeal.

Don’t look for CU Officials in any sequel to Profiles in Courage
CU Officials have made it official, and say that Ward Churchill’s comments about victims of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center being “little Eichman’s” is protected by the 1st Amendment.

They will however investigate his questionable claims about his ancestry, which got him the job in the first place, and several charges brought against Churchill by other professors, writers and artists about plagiarism. Apparently that will take about seven more months.

KOA radio’s Dave Logan said it best. CU officials are especially good at taking the path of least resistance.

Does anyone, and I mean ANYONE out there, have an NCAA Bracket Pool that’s still in the hunt?

I look this up so you don’t have to
Some quick updates from Hollywood for you. Rumorville has it that Demi Moore might become a mommy again, a jury says Robert Blake is innocent, Rapper L’il Kim is guilty as charged, Scott Peterson is settling in at San Quentin and already getting love letters and Michael Jackson went an entire week without wearing pajamas to court.

Google Queries
According to Google, (you know you’ve made it when you’re both a noun and a verb) Anna Nicole Smith is listed among the Top 10 declining queries for March of 2005. Maybe they meant 1995.

This might be a first
Thursday’s Cactus League game between the Rockies and the Diamondbacks was called on account of bees. Swarms of them. It’s been a wet winter and spring in Arizona, flowers are blooming and the bees are swarming and on this particular day, were especially attracted to the ballplayers. Maybe it’s the hair gel.

American Idol update
A phone snafu made for three nights of American Idol this week. On Tuesday they ran three wrong phone numbers, so Wednesday was essentially a repeat to get the phone numbers right and Thursday night 17 year old Mikalah Gordon got the hook. My money is on Carrie and Bo for the final two.

And a no-contest plea from Idol Judge Paula Abdul on a charge of hit and run. Wonder if Simon owned the other car?

Happy Easter Everyone
Please accept our best wishes from everyone here at VIDEO PROFESSOR to you and your entire family for a wonderful Easter. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the many good things we have in our lives.

Site o’ the week
How are your typing skills? Here’s a fun site to find out how well you know your way around your keyboard! Good luck!

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Friday, March 18, 2005

My Blog and welcome to it.


We join in the mourning for the loss of Jessica Marie Lunsford, missing since February 23 after disappearing from her Florida home. Law enforcement officials announced late Friday, March 18, that John Evander Couey has confessed to authorities that he killed Jessica.

Obviously the news media will have the latest on this, and look here shortly as we share our own feelings about Jessica's loss. Video Professor had contributed to the reward fund for any information leading to the safe return of Jessica.

Sadly, that will not happen.

Couey has a previous record of sex offenses, and was able to spend time with a family member within eyesite of Jessica's home.

Please join us in praying for her family in this most difficult time.

Democracy comes to Iraq.
History made this week as the Iraqi National Assembly convened for the first time. 275 ELECTED members sat down to begin the business of governing. The first elected governmental body in Iraq in 50 years! We honor their bravery, and the bravery and sacrifice of the troops that made it all possible.

What Glass Ceiling?
The hot political buzz this week centers on the top candidates for the 2008 Presidential Race. Top Republican choice is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Top Democratic Pick is Senator Hillary Clinton.

Both are saying no, and at the same time leaving the door open just a teeny bit! IF these were the candidates in 2008, it certainly would be history making!

Star Wars
Folks will be lining up around the block, just to see the trailer for the final installment of the Star Wars series! Episode III “Revenge of the Sith” comes to a theater near you May 19th. Visit the website at There’s an entire generation of folks out there who weren’t even around when the original installment of the series debuted in 1977, 28 years ago! May the Force be with you! (What the heck is a “Sith?”

NCAA Brackets
I guarantee you that by Friday March 18th, waste paper baskets in offices around the country will already be full of discarded bracket sheets. I heard one report that 1 out of every 10 Americans join various NCAA pools. And it’s estimated that $4.5 BILLION is wagered on what is known as March Madness.

Boffo Year for Bono
Looks like it could be a banner year for Bono and his fellow Irish Rockers, U2. The band was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week, and there’s also talk about Bono being up for a Nobel Peace Prize. Plus they even have an iPod model named after them.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
This is also the week for the wearin’ o’ the green. The Leprechauns (and their many, many friends) will be out in full force this week. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all!

Site o’ the week
Ok, time for our favorite site of the week. If you've ever been stuck in traffic, and there doesn't seem to be any good reason for the traffic jam, this little site will demonstrate just how easy it is for a freeway to turn into a parking lot.

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Baseball comes to the Nation’s Capitol

Ok folks, I’m climbing back on my soapbox!

After years and years of trying, Major League Baseball is back in Washington DC. But instead of hearing “Play Ball!” and the crack of a bat, it’s “This Hearing will come to order!” followed by the crack of a gavel. Not sure if this is what they had in mind!

Past generations of baseball greats were known to knock down a fifth once in a while, now they're pleading the fifth!

All because of Steroids.

When I was a kid, I used to sneak my transistor radio into class, run the earpiece up my sleeve and listen to Yankee Games. I’d have to sit there leaning my head on my hand to hide the earpiece!

But when Mantle or Maris slammed one out of the park, well, that was the magic of baseball. And who can ever forget the night Hank Aaron broke the Babe’s Home Run Record? Curt Gowdy made the call and you knew as soon as it left the bat, it wasn’t coming back.

I just wish we could go back to those times. To see Mark McGwire hem and haw yesterday in front of a Congressional Committee was just plain sad. His stats don’t need an asterisk by them, because they already have a cloud hanging over them.

Barry Bonds, if he’s healthy, is set to break Ruth’s Record next. And even then, so many pitchers will walk him, instead of face him, the game will be further cheapened. And his “records” will be covered by a shroud.

Will Bud Selig do anything? Doubt it. Congress? Nope. The Players’ Union? HA!

There’s only one group out there that can bring about change. And that’s you and me. Baseball fans. As long as we fill expensive seats to see cheap homeruns, nothing will happen.

So push back opening day on your schedule a couple of weeks.


There’s plenty of great baseball being played. Check out a Little League Game, maybe you’re lucky to have a farm team playing nearby, or even your local high school or college.

You’ll see real baseball being played. With no additives.

If we fans send this message to players “if you use steroids just once, you’re GONE,” that will stop it.

Major League Baseball and Congress only understand one thing. Cash. Take it away from them, and you’ll get their attention very quickly. Don’t look to Washington to do anything. They just make it look like they care. The folks in Washington claim they’re doing all this because of “the kids.” Really?

Example: Cigarettes kill millions. They’re still legal because the people who make them send more money to political campaigns than the people who are dying from lung cancer.

I’ll bet you the computer lesson of your choice that the best seats at DC’s new baseball stadium will be filled by the same folks holding those hearings yesterday.

Steroids are ruining lives, and ruining the game of baseball. It’s time to get real.

We always end our blog with a site of the week. Here’s one about steroids.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

I blog, therefore I am.

Ok, it took just three weeks and I’m hooked on blogging. It’s a fun way to share thoughts about this and that, and fun to hear from you as well.

Jessica Marie Lunsford
Like you, we continue to pray for the safe return of Jessica Marie Lunsford to her family. Video Professor has joined in the reward fund, committing $50,000 for information leading to her safe return. We join pitcher Mike Hampton and the Teamsters in bringing the reward fund to over $100,000. If you have any information about Jessica, call your nearest law enforcement office or call the Citrus Country Sheriff’s Department at 352-726-4488.

Remember, it’s still easier to find a stolen car than a missing child. Let’s work together and change that. To learn more, visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website,

I never knew he left!
Nice tournament for Tiger Woods at the Doral Open this past weekend. All of a sudden I’m reading, “Tiger’s back.” I never knew he was gone in the first place! He was, and remains, one of the best that ever played the game with a swing to die for. And I’m going to die trying to duplicate it!

It’s the hap-happiest time of the year!
March Madness is here! We’ll talk more about the NCAA Basketball Tournament next week but you know in offices all across the country, the tournament bracket sheets are being readied and copy machines are at the ready.

Wonder if a company like Office Depot has ever done a study about increased paper usage in March?

We do have the final winner for the 2003 tourney pool. Rick Neuheisel. The University of Washington fired him for betting in an NCAA Tourney Pool. He sued, and won $4.7 million in a settlement with the NCAA.

Et Tu Shaq?
Seems the latest health rage is the BMI or Body Mass Index. Being a humble teacher of computer skills, I won’t comment scientifically. But according to BMI measurement, The Miami Heat’s Shaquille O’Neal is obese! For the record, Shaq is 7’1” and weighs in at 325 pounds. I read that Shaq has 13% body fat. Again, I’m not an expert on the subject, but it seems these game stats are tough to argue with:

PPG: 22.4
Reb: 10.2
Asst: 2.9
FG%: 59.6
Min: 34.2

Plus three NBA Championship Rings!

The do’s and don’ts of Public Relations:
Good PR: Martha Stewart. One day out of the big house, to an even bigger house, and all we see EVERYWHERE are pictures of Martha, Martha and more Martha! Martha Stewart is now officially on TV more than I am!

I’ll be catching up next month Martha. We’ll be doing a round of television appearances in Los Angeles. More on that in a couple of weeks.

Bad PR: CU. The school that gave us Glen Miller, Astronauts and Nobel Prize Laureates now is known for Ward Churchill (no relation to Winston) and a sports scandal that just keeps on getting worse. Absolutely amazing how many feet they can stuff into one mouth.

Tony Snow Update:
Word reaches us that FOX News reporter and anchor Tony Snow is out of the hospital and recovering from surgery to deal with colon cancer. Our friends at FOX News advise that Tony’s spirits are excellent and he’s on the mend.

Look for Tony back on the air in a month or so. Personally, I can’t wait. Tony is one of the good guys.

Pharmer in your Dell?
If you’ve visited the portion of our website, full of free information about ID Theft, you already know about what’s called “Phishing.” Well, if nothing else, ID thieves are very creative and they’ve taken things to a whole new level with something called “Pharming.”

Essentially, you might go to a familiar website, one you visit frequently. These Pharmers can actually find a way to re-direct you to a different site, but one that is very similar to the one you actually want. Both you and your Dell, or whatever brand you use, think you’re where you’re supposed to be. But once you’re at the Pharmer’s fake site, you don’t even have to click one key to hand over personal information to identity thieves.

So be very careful with every site you go to. And we’ll have more on this issue, not only here on the blog, but on our website as well. Just visit and look for updates on a regular basis.

Fun site of the week: (with no Pharming)
Well, spring is literally around the corner. Here’s one fun site to enjoy these last few days of winter!

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Friday, March 04, 2005

My Second Week of Blogging

Hi all.

Ok, my second week of blogging and I’m starting to understand just what a powerful tool blogs can be. Did you know it was bloggers who were first to report there were problems with the now-infamous CBS story about the President’s military records?

It seems the day the report came out, bloggers already caught notice that there was some 2004 Technology being used to fudge some 1960’s documents.

I’m sure you join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to the family of a missing Florida girl, Jessica Marie Lunsford. Jessica simply disappeared from her home after being tucked in for bed last week by her grandmother. We salute the hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officers working around the clock to help find her.

Video Professor has announced a contribution of $50,000 for information leading to the safe return of Jessica to her family. We want to thank the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Citrus County Sheriff’s office for facilitating our contribution. If you have any information on Jessica’s whereabouts, contact your nearest law enforcement office or the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department at 352-726-4488

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”
As you know, President Bush just met with President Putin of Russia. Mr. Putin is still trying to figure out this whole democracy thing. When President Bush urged Putin to ease up on his crackdowns on the media, Putin responded, “We didn’t criticize you when you fired those reporters from CBS!”

We hope President Bush let Mr. Putin know that here in America television viewers make those decision with their remote controls!

ID Theft Update:
Just a reminder, a lot of state legislatures are taking up the issue of Identity Theft. Good for them. But remember, you have a voice in all this. Call, write or e-mail (we have a tutorial to show you how to do that!) your elected officials and push for the toughest laws possible against ID Theft and the toughest punishment as well. Identity Theft happens to one out of every eight Americans. Fight back.

And to help you out, visit our website at for lots of free information about ID Theft and how you can indeed, fight back.

Oscar talk:
Can you remember an Academy Awards with so few surprises? Kudos to Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Hillary Swank for their work in “Million Dollar Baby.” The film just left you drained. Absolutely spectacular filmmaking.

And who could argue with Cate Blanchett winning the Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in “The Aviator” and of course, Jamie Foxx for his terrific performance in “Ray.”

Especially moving was Jamie’s tribute to his grandmother. Apparently she believed in spankings when Jamie was a young man. He’s grown up to be an absolute class actor and gentleman. And how nice was it when Clint Eastwood introduced his 90-year old mother?

Must be something in those Eastwood genes. Both looked terrific.

Note to Clint Eastwood: If you decide to do a movie about my life, I want Brad Pitt to play me! And find a part for Halle Berry!

Around the World in 80 Hours.
How about that Steve Fossett? He’s completed the first-ever solo non-stop flight around the world. That puts him up there with Charles Lindbergh among the truly great pioneers of aviation. And don’t confuse this as being some sort of daredevil stunt. Along with his partners including Sir Richard Branson and Burt Rutan, this is all about ingenuity, entrepreneurship and setting and achieving goals. Good for them!

My friends at FOX & Friends:
As you know, I’ve had the opportunity to appear on FOX News several times and I can tell you they’re terrific folks. All of us at VIDEO PROFESSOR want to send our best wishes to Tony Snow who is battling Colon Cancer. This is one person with a very positive attitude and if anyone can beat this, it’s Tony. You can send best wishes to Tony through a special e-mail address set up by FOX News:

I’d also like to highly recommend Brian Kilmeade’s book, The Games Do Count. It’s a terrific read. Brian is one of the co-hosts of the very popular morning new show, FOX & Friends.

Mellow Fellow?
Is it just me, or is Simon showing his softer side this season on American Idol? There are times in the judging where’s he’s actually been polite.

Play ball!
Spring training is underway in Arizona and Florida. Time for both teams and fans to shake off the cobwebs of winter and begin dreaming of lazy afternoons at the ballpark, and of course, winning the World Series. So all you baseball fans remember to be patient. It paid off for fans of the Boston Red Sox! Talk about patient!

Link of the week:
Here’s a fun little site, if you like sand painting. Best of all there is no mess to clean up!

(Our PR Director finds these sites. I’m going to have to find a few more things to keep him busy!

Talk to you next time and as always, my cyber door is always open. Just e-mail me at

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