Friday, March 11, 2005

I blog, therefore I am.

Ok, it took just three weeks and I’m hooked on blogging. It’s a fun way to share thoughts about this and that, and fun to hear from you as well.

Jessica Marie Lunsford
Like you, we continue to pray for the safe return of Jessica Marie Lunsford to her family. Video Professor has joined in the reward fund, committing $50,000 for information leading to her safe return. We join pitcher Mike Hampton and the Teamsters in bringing the reward fund to over $100,000. If you have any information about Jessica, call your nearest law enforcement office or call the Citrus Country Sheriff’s Department at 352-726-4488.

Remember, it’s still easier to find a stolen car than a missing child. Let’s work together and change that. To learn more, visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website,

I never knew he left!
Nice tournament for Tiger Woods at the Doral Open this past weekend. All of a sudden I’m reading, “Tiger’s back.” I never knew he was gone in the first place! He was, and remains, one of the best that ever played the game with a swing to die for. And I’m going to die trying to duplicate it!

It’s the hap-happiest time of the year!
March Madness is here! We’ll talk more about the NCAA Basketball Tournament next week but you know in offices all across the country, the tournament bracket sheets are being readied and copy machines are at the ready.

Wonder if a company like Office Depot has ever done a study about increased paper usage in March?

We do have the final winner for the 2003 tourney pool. Rick Neuheisel. The University of Washington fired him for betting in an NCAA Tourney Pool. He sued, and won $4.7 million in a settlement with the NCAA.

Et Tu Shaq?
Seems the latest health rage is the BMI or Body Mass Index. Being a humble teacher of computer skills, I won’t comment scientifically. But according to BMI measurement, The Miami Heat’s Shaquille O’Neal is obese! For the record, Shaq is 7’1” and weighs in at 325 pounds. I read that Shaq has 13% body fat. Again, I’m not an expert on the subject, but it seems these game stats are tough to argue with:

PPG: 22.4
Reb: 10.2
Asst: 2.9
FG%: 59.6
Min: 34.2

Plus three NBA Championship Rings!

The do’s and don’ts of Public Relations:
Good PR: Martha Stewart. One day out of the big house, to an even bigger house, and all we see EVERYWHERE are pictures of Martha, Martha and more Martha! Martha Stewart is now officially on TV more than I am!

I’ll be catching up next month Martha. We’ll be doing a round of television appearances in Los Angeles. More on that in a couple of weeks.

Bad PR: CU. The school that gave us Glen Miller, Astronauts and Nobel Prize Laureates now is known for Ward Churchill (no relation to Winston) and a sports scandal that just keeps on getting worse. Absolutely amazing how many feet they can stuff into one mouth.

Tony Snow Update:
Word reaches us that FOX News reporter and anchor Tony Snow is out of the hospital and recovering from surgery to deal with colon cancer. Our friends at FOX News advise that Tony’s spirits are excellent and he’s on the mend.

Look for Tony back on the air in a month or so. Personally, I can’t wait. Tony is one of the good guys.

Pharmer in your Dell?
If you’ve visited the portion of our website, full of free information about ID Theft, you already know about what’s called “Phishing.” Well, if nothing else, ID thieves are very creative and they’ve taken things to a whole new level with something called “Pharming.”

Essentially, you might go to a familiar website, one you visit frequently. These Pharmers can actually find a way to re-direct you to a different site, but one that is very similar to the one you actually want. Both you and your Dell, or whatever brand you use, think you’re where you’re supposed to be. But once you’re at the Pharmer’s fake site, you don’t even have to click one key to hand over personal information to identity thieves.

So be very careful with every site you go to. And we’ll have more on this issue, not only here on the blog, but on our website as well. Just visit and look for updates on a regular basis.

Fun site of the week: (with no Pharming)
Well, spring is literally around the corner. Here’s one fun site to enjoy these last few days of winter!

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See you next time!

John W. Scherer
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