Friday, March 25, 2005

John W. Scherer Blog-March 26, 2005

Peace to Terri and her Family
I won’t add to the non-stop debate about Terri Schiavo and her nationally televised ordeal other than to say I wish Terri peace and comfort, and that somehow, some way, her family can heal after going through this 15 year ordeal.

Don’t look for CU Officials in any sequel to Profiles in Courage
CU Officials have made it official, and say that Ward Churchill’s comments about victims of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center being “little Eichman’s” is protected by the 1st Amendment.

They will however investigate his questionable claims about his ancestry, which got him the job in the first place, and several charges brought against Churchill by other professors, writers and artists about plagiarism. Apparently that will take about seven more months.

KOA radio’s Dave Logan said it best. CU officials are especially good at taking the path of least resistance.

Does anyone, and I mean ANYONE out there, have an NCAA Bracket Pool that’s still in the hunt?

I look this up so you don’t have to
Some quick updates from Hollywood for you. Rumorville has it that Demi Moore might become a mommy again, a jury says Robert Blake is innocent, Rapper L’il Kim is guilty as charged, Scott Peterson is settling in at San Quentin and already getting love letters and Michael Jackson went an entire week without wearing pajamas to court.

Google Queries
According to Google, (you know you’ve made it when you’re both a noun and a verb) Anna Nicole Smith is listed among the Top 10 declining queries for March of 2005. Maybe they meant 1995.

This might be a first
Thursday’s Cactus League game between the Rockies and the Diamondbacks was called on account of bees. Swarms of them. It’s been a wet winter and spring in Arizona, flowers are blooming and the bees are swarming and on this particular day, were especially attracted to the ballplayers. Maybe it’s the hair gel.

American Idol update
A phone snafu made for three nights of American Idol this week. On Tuesday they ran three wrong phone numbers, so Wednesday was essentially a repeat to get the phone numbers right and Thursday night 17 year old Mikalah Gordon got the hook. My money is on Carrie and Bo for the final two.

And a no-contest plea from Idol Judge Paula Abdul on a charge of hit and run. Wonder if Simon owned the other car?

Happy Easter Everyone
Please accept our best wishes from everyone here at VIDEO PROFESSOR to you and your entire family for a wonderful Easter. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the many good things we have in our lives.

Site o’ the week
How are your typing skills? Here’s a fun site to find out how well you know your way around your keyboard! Good luck!

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