Friday, March 18, 2005


Baseball comes to the Nation’s Capitol

Ok folks, I’m climbing back on my soapbox!

After years and years of trying, Major League Baseball is back in Washington DC. But instead of hearing “Play Ball!” and the crack of a bat, it’s “This Hearing will come to order!” followed by the crack of a gavel. Not sure if this is what they had in mind!

Past generations of baseball greats were known to knock down a fifth once in a while, now they're pleading the fifth!

All because of Steroids.

When I was a kid, I used to sneak my transistor radio into class, run the earpiece up my sleeve and listen to Yankee Games. I’d have to sit there leaning my head on my hand to hide the earpiece!

But when Mantle or Maris slammed one out of the park, well, that was the magic of baseball. And who can ever forget the night Hank Aaron broke the Babe’s Home Run Record? Curt Gowdy made the call and you knew as soon as it left the bat, it wasn’t coming back.

I just wish we could go back to those times. To see Mark McGwire hem and haw yesterday in front of a Congressional Committee was just plain sad. His stats don’t need an asterisk by them, because they already have a cloud hanging over them.

Barry Bonds, if he’s healthy, is set to break Ruth’s Record next. And even then, so many pitchers will walk him, instead of face him, the game will be further cheapened. And his “records” will be covered by a shroud.

Will Bud Selig do anything? Doubt it. Congress? Nope. The Players’ Union? HA!

There’s only one group out there that can bring about change. And that’s you and me. Baseball fans. As long as we fill expensive seats to see cheap homeruns, nothing will happen.

So push back opening day on your schedule a couple of weeks.


There’s plenty of great baseball being played. Check out a Little League Game, maybe you’re lucky to have a farm team playing nearby, or even your local high school or college.

You’ll see real baseball being played. With no additives.

If we fans send this message to players “if you use steroids just once, you’re GONE,” that will stop it.

Major League Baseball and Congress only understand one thing. Cash. Take it away from them, and you’ll get their attention very quickly. Don’t look to Washington to do anything. They just make it look like they care. The folks in Washington claim they’re doing all this because of “the kids.” Really?

Example: Cigarettes kill millions. They’re still legal because the people who make them send more money to political campaigns than the people who are dying from lung cancer.

I’ll bet you the computer lesson of your choice that the best seats at DC’s new baseball stadium will be filled by the same folks holding those hearings yesterday.

Steroids are ruining lives, and ruining the game of baseball. It’s time to get real.

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