Friday, September 28, 2007

Setting it Straight

You may have heard in the news that I’m suing my customers or that I somehow am violating First Amendment rights. I’m doing neither.

A number of people have gone to web sites and anonymously posted less-than-flattering statements about their experiences with Video Professor. I am simply trying to learn who these individuals are so that I can fix the problems they have had with my company. I am committed to satisfying my customers and I will go to great lengths to make them happy, as we always have. However, I can’t help them if I don’t know who they are.

If the posters are truly unhappy customers, I want to find out what made them unhappy. Maybe they aren’t customers? If so, I am committed to stopping them from writing false and damaging statements about my company for their own financial gain.

Months ago I sent a letter to the “Bash” web sites asking for contact information so I could do something to help the people who say they are unhappy. The “Bash” web sites refused my request, making it impossible for me to help these people. So, I have subpoenaed the websites to get information on the posters who have made negative comments about experiences with my company. In the meantime, I want to encourage those posters to contact me so that we can fix whatever they feel went wrong.

In fact, anyone that feels they have had a negative experience with Video Professor can go to for help in resolving any issue. If you are a customer – contact us directly so that we may help you.

I want everyone to remember Video Professor has helped over 10 million people learn computing and we can teach you – just go to