Friday, May 13, 2005

Planes, Blogs and no Automobiles

The good, the bad and the stupid
Quite a scare over Washington DC on Wednesday. A couple of pilots wandered into restricted air space over the capital, flying within three miles of the White House. The good news is that a couple of F-16’s and a Blackhawk chopper were scrambled in plenty of time by NORAD to intercept the small Cessna. And evacuation plans at the White House and the Capital Building worked just fine.

But if you were a city worker in DC, you didn’t even hear about it until 15 minutes AFTER it was all over. And the Mayor isn’t pleased.

The wandering pilots, who for many, many reasons should have known better, were released. Apparently there is no federal law against being dumb. We do hope the FAA takes sterner action. Better yet, send them the fuel bill for those F-16’s!

Your Tax Dollars at work.
The U.S. Senate voted Monday to establish a federal boxing commission that would seek to ensure the integrity and improve the tarnished image of the sport in the country. A better idea might be a commission to monitor Congress!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse
A new Gallup Poll shows just 35 percent of Americans like the way Congress is doing its job. That’s the lowest rating in 8 years. And the dissatisfaction is bi-partisan with Americans holding both Republicans and Democrats in equal disdain.

Mr. Steinbrenner would like to see you
It’s been a tough week for George. His high paid but underachieving New York Yankees are 16-19 and his race horse Bellamy Road finished 7th at the Kentucky Derby. Is it possible to fire a racehorse?

Start me up!
62-year-old Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones tour America late this summer and fall. 63-year-old Paul McCartney will also tour America this year. And yes we’ll still love both of them, even when they’re 64. Just how popular are they as they start their FIFTH decade of rock and roll? Their shows are sell-outs and just check out the prices for tickets on eBay!

Box Office blues
The bean counters in Hollywood aren’t happy. The past nine weeks’ receipts are down from the same period a year ago. Just a suggestion, but why not try making better movies? House of Wax “starring” Paris Hilton? Wake up and smell the popcorn folks. Aniken Skywalker’s transition to Darth Vader next weekend ought to pick things up a bit.

Coach Gretsky?
The great one is set to coach the Phoenix Coyotes (formally known as the Winnipeg Jets) Now all he needs are players and a league to play in. (formally known as the NHL)

Nice people do finish first
Uchenna and Joyce Agu are the winners of The Amazing Race. Reality show vets Rob and Amber finished 2nd.

Carrie, Bo or Vonzell?
The cream has definitely risen to the top on American Idol. All three are talented, have distinctive styles and deserve whatever fame and fortune awaits them.

You’re hired!
FINALLY Donald Trump hires a female apprentice! By the way, any CEO is only as good as his/her President and COO. In my case, it’s Bettye Harrison. She’s been a valued executive and friend for 18 years. Bettye makes every day special here at VIDEO PROFESSOR. Donald doesn’t know what he’s missing!

Site o’ the week
If you’re the next contestant on Survivor, this site may come in handy.

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