Thursday, December 15, 2005

John W. Scherer VIDEO PROFESSOR Blog December 15th 2005

Last Call to Deck the Hall(s)

Video Professor employees making a difference
Video Professor employees are something special. They have their own volunteer club called “Seasons.” This is an especially busy time for the club. They donated over 1,166 food items to the JeffCo Action Center to make sure needy families had everything they needed for a nice Thanksgiving.

And this week the Salvation Army dropped by TWICE to pick up items donated through the Giving Tree Project. During this special time of the year, our headquarters takes on the look of a department store filled with scooters, bicycles, dolls and all sorts of presents for kids and seniors. A total of 150 gift requests were filled!

Video Professor employee Mike Svoboda delivers food to JeffCo Action Center

Just some of the gifts donated to the Salvation Army Giving Tree

Never have so many, known so little, about something
Do you have High Definition Television at your house? Or do you think you have HDTV at your house? Does watching a program on an HDTV make it an HD program? What’s the deal about digital? If you’re scratching your head at any of these questions, don’t feel alone.
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Good morning Mr. Phelps
Remember the original Mission Impossible Series? Mr. Phelps would get a taped message with details of his team’s next mission, which then self-destructed. Corny, but cool! Well, now there’s a digital version of the very same idea, especially helpful for business people sending sensitive information back and forth.
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Space. The final (and profitable) Frontier
One CEO I admire very much is Richard Branson. He’s launched an offshoot of his wildly popular airline; this enterprise (no pun intended) is called Virgin Galactic. He already is taking deposits for flights into space. Expensive? Yes. Popular? YES!
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Thanks Brian!
I was watching FOX & Friends last week when co-anchor Brian Kilmeade got some ribbing from his colleagues on set about some digital pictures he’d taken. So I sent him a copy of our “Learn Photoshop” and he showed the product on the air the very next day! Thanks Brian, and good luck with Photoshop!

Beware the Grinch trying to steal e-Christmas
Shopping online is simply super. Easy, and everything gets delivered right to your door. Very handy this time of year. As we get within a few days of Christmas, the crooks are out in force.
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Quote o’ the week
“Anybody who doesn’t appreciate what America has done and President Bush, let them go to h*ll.”-Iraqi Voter

Site o’ the week
I don’t know about you, but while I love buying gifts for family and friends, the wrapping part tends to be a bit vexing. Just in case you tend to have more thumbs than fingers and none of them seem to work well together, this site has some useful tips for you!
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