Friday, January 12, 2007

John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog Jan. 12, 2007

Technology: It’s fantastic!

It’s a small world after all

We hear the term “downsizing” and we immediately think we’re going to lose our jobs. But it seems that technology keeps downsizing. Here is a look at a new computer that fits in your pocket. More than ever people are using their cell phones to get their info on the go, but here is a computer that will let you do so much more.
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And speaking of cool gadgets …
Working in the technology field for the past 20 years with Video Professor, I felt I had to talk a little about some of the coolest new products that launched this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Here is a pretty good wrap-up of the show and info on some of the cooler gadgets. If you are interested in more, there are plenty of articles out there talking about CES. If you are a technology junky, there is no better show on earth.
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Having trouble with Internet Explorer® 7?
If you are like this reader, you may be having a problem with IE7. For all its pluses, there are some negatives floating around. Apparently the new browser will work great with the new Vista operating system, but in XP it has some flaws. This helpful article gives a few tips on how to help remedy the situation.
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Don’t worry: This is not going to be a review of the Broadway show produced by the Monty Python comedy troupe. Are you like most people who are bugged by spam e-mail, or do you have a very good filter that keeps the junk away? According to the company Postini®, spam mail accounted for 94 percent of all e-mail sent in December. That is an increase of 144 percent over 2005. Staggering! If you want more information about preventing spam, and what filter is right for you, visit the resource library at
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Picks o’ the week!
Well three out of four isn’t bad. But how many people picked all the games right? I would say most of you. Looking back, it turned out to be an easy week of picking. Every home team won. No Wild Card entrants were able to move on. That’s a pretty big deal in my opinion, considering Wild Card teams have been very successful in recent years. Heck, a year ago the Steelers were a Wild Card team that won three straight road games to advance to the Super Bowl.

A quick note before we get to my picks: I will admit that I was completely wrong about Indianapolis last week. I agreed with the experts who said that Larry Johnson and the Chiefs would run roughshod over the Colts. Indy’s defense stepped up big time; in fact, the Chiefs went without a first down until midway through the second half. It was a very dominating performance, but can they replicate that effort this week? It’s going to be very, very hard. It’s a lot easier to get up for a game when you are playing in the comfort of your own home. This week they travel to Baltimore to face one of the hottest teams in the AFC.

Well, on to my picks …

AFC Divisional Playoff Games
Baltimore over Indianapolis:
Despite the effort they gave last week, I really don’t think they can get it done against Baltimore. Even if the Colts’ defense can hold Baltimore’s offense at bay, their offense is going to have its hands full with the Ravens’ defense. Baltimore, on the defensive side of the ball this year, is almost as good as they were in 2000 when they won the Super Bowl.

New England over San Diego: This is going to be the game of the weekend, and probably the hardest to predict. San Diego looked great this season and LaDainian Tomlinson can’t be stopped. However, how will Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers react in his first career playoff game? On the other sideline, they’ll face Tom Brady, who is turning into this generation’s Joe Montana. There has not been a more clutch quarterback in the playoffs than Brady. In a very close battle, I see the Pats pulling off the upset.

NFC Divisional Playoff Games
New Orleans over Philadelphia:
I know this is the popular choice, but I think New Orleans is the better team. Philadelphia escaped last week, and I don’t think they have the man power to beat the Saints. Plus, the Superdome is going to be rocking. The home field advantage in this game will prove to be the key.

Seattle over Chicago: I don’t trust Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. He was incredibly shaky down the stretch (and that’s being kind). Granted, Seattle didn’t exactly knock our socks off last week with their squeaker win over Dallas (thanks Tony Romo), but I think they are good enough to beat “Da Bears.”

Have a good week!

John W. Scherer
CEO and Founder