Friday, April 04, 2008

My week in the Big Apple and appearing on “FOX News”

Being the Video Professor, I appear on television frequently. When I’m not on the air doing commercials, I’m spending time doing interviews like I just did in New York City on both the “FOX Business Channel” and “FOX & Friends® programs.”

About the only similarity between a commercial and television news is the television part. Otherwise everything is different. Commercials are scripted, taped and if you make a mistake you can do it all over again.

News, on the other hand, is live, which really makes the whole experience exciting. While it was my first appearance on the new “FOX Business Channel,” this was my third time on “FOX & Friends.”

As usual, “FOX News®” takes great care of their guests. Everyone on their staff including producers, the technical crew and of course the various program hosts and anchors are simply the nicest and most professional people you’d ever want to meet. They even sent a car to my hotel to get me to the studio for both appearances.

“FOX Business Channel” is a recent addition to the “FOX News” network. They’ve assembled a terrific team of people and are quickly becoming the television source for business news. I think what makes “FOX Business Channel” stand out is they really understand they are communicating with both Wall Street and Main Street, USA. They make business news easy to understand, whether you own a business or you’re a consumer.

FOX Business News Anchor Peter Barnes with John W. Scherer

Each appearance starts with a trip to makeup. Then you wait for your segment to begin in the green room. It’s a comfortable place to sit and watch the broadcast, catch a snack or a much needed cup of coffee when you’re appearing on an early morning news show, like I did. Usually other guests are there as well, so it’s also a good place to meet people.

Then a staff member takes you up to the studio, they clip a microphone on you and all of a sudden you’re live. It’s amazing how fast it all happens. When I shoot our commercials and infomercials we can spend two full days shooting segments. But when it’s live, you better be ready with your message because you get just one chance to get it right.

Getting miked and ready to go live!

What made the experience both easy and fun were the anchors at “FOX News.” I’ve worked with Peter Barnes on “FOX Business” and my friends Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy on “FOX & Friends” before, but I was thrilled to meet Gretchen Carlson for the first time. All of them are exactly like you see them on the air; friendly, energetic and gracious.

L-R Steve Doocy, John W. Scherer, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade

“FOX News” really does live up to its reputation of being fair and balanced. What makes them special is that they are a kind, decent and caring group of professionals.

Special thanks go to David Brown, the Executive Producer of “FOX & Friends,” along with “FOX News” producers Laurie Weiner, Elise Sabbath, Michelle Brier and Shayla Bezdrob. They’re talented, professional and quite simply, just some very nice folks.

I can’t wait to go back and see them again.


John W. Scherer, CEO & founder, Video Professor, Inc.

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