Friday, February 13, 2009

MLB: This Bud’s not for you.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." –Poet and philosopher George Santayana.

"Major League Baseball has always recognized the influence that our stars can have on the youth of America. As such, we are concerned that recent revelations and allegations of steroid use have been sending a terrible message to young people."-Bud Selig speaking before Congress.

“FIRE BUD SELIG.”-John Scherer, the Video Professor and old school baseball fan.

Just when you thought the whole mess with steroids and baseball had settled down a bit comes the admission by Alex Rodriquez aka A-Rod, A-Fraud, A-Roid etc (The list grows every day) that he used steroids when he played with the Texas Rangers.

Big bat to big joke. Jay Leno is sending a thank you note. A-Joke admitted to it only after being outed by Sports Illustrated. He now says he’s sorry. Remember when saying you’re sorry used to mean something? Not any more. It’s been replaced with “A-Sorry.”

No word from MLB Commish Bud Selig yet. Part of his $18 million salary is apparently to keep his trap shut and do nothing. He’s like a monkey with six arms to cover his eyes, ears and mouth all the time humming, “Take me out the ball game.”

Meanwhile, the Yankees are standing by their man. He cheated while playing for the Rangers after all; not the Yankees. Lying is acceptable behavior within the Yankee Organization. (Read Joe Torre’s book)

The real stink of all this comes after last year’s Congressional Circus, I mean, “Hearings” about the problem.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig vowed to clean the mess up. Two things amaze me about Bud Selig. He’s apparently totally oblivious to the train wreck about to happen to professional baseball and you can’t see the puppet strings attached to him being pulled by MLB owners.

Howdy, Doody.

Why does Bud get to keep his job? Because the money is pouring in. Money is a great deodorant.

Ole Bud and baseball are in for a rude awakening this season. The economy is tanking and when people are broke, things like going to the ballpark move to the bottom of the discretionary spending list.

Bud, you’ve finally ruined the game. Americans are about to take a pass on America’s pastime.

The bar for behavior is now set so low you have to look down to see it. The apple pie is juiced. Don’t eat the Peanuts and Crackerjack. You might get salmonella.

It’s time to re-boot pro baseball. Step one is to boot Bud Selig out of his job.

Any records set after Roger Maris and Hank Aaron are deleted. 61 and 755 are the target numbers for rookies starting this season who keep their noses clean and the needles out of their arms.

The Mick, the Babe and Joltin’ Joe were far from perfect. But they were clean. What they accomplished on the field and made them heroes to a generation wasn’t due to science. Just hard work and skill.

Hank Aaron broke the Babe’s homerun record despite death threats. He overcame it all through courage, grace and determination. Not chemicals. Roger Maris was booed and had chairs thrown at him. But he didn’t juice up, he showed up.

A-Roid, Barry, Mark, Sammy and a bunch of others may have sold more t-shirts than those that preceded them in baseball. But they did so by selling out. So did over a hundred others.

Maybe there should be a new monument to these players for kids to visit called “Cop-Out” town, one big hall of shame. Washington DC would be a good location. The building would be shaped like a syringe.

John W. Scherer
John is CEO and Founder of Video Professor, Inc.
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