Monday, March 16, 2009

Memo to: Jay Cutler, QB1-Denver Broncos From: John W. Scherer, Football Fan

Dear Jay,

It’s come to my attention that you’re not happy. I haven’t been happy either. Last year’s 8-8 record was disappointing to say the least. Like many of the previous seasons.

Before I continue, please note that you have a 17-20 record as the Broncos QB and have never been in a playoff game, either in college or professional football. Don’t let the Pro Bowl thing go to your head. No one watches that game anyway.

Apparently, you’re miffed that the team considered a possible trade. The keywords being “considered” and “possible.” It didn’t happen. Since then, you’ve pouted.

Football is a game on the field. It’s big business off the field. Pat Bowlen, who pays your annual $14 million a year salary, brought in a new coach, Josh McDaniels, from the New England Patriots.

The Patriots have a history of winning. The Broncos don’t.

Job #1 for Coach McDaniels is to change that. Otherwise, he doesn’t get a paycheck.

You make more money than the coach, but he has more authority. It’s the way the system works. He’s in charge. You know, the boss. The head dude. The “Decider.”

The team has made several private and public assurances to you that they want you to remain on the team. Yet, you continue to stomp your highly paid feet, and some reports now have you wanting a trade. That is what upset you in the first place.

Word is you might not show up for spring conditioning drills.

Jay, you’re 25 years old and a multimillionaire. There are men and women younger than you leading troops into combat at this very minute who make a fraction of the money you do. Let’s face it: Getting shot at 24/7 is far more dangerous than being sacked on Sundays.

They’re not whining. Why are you?

There are people standing in unemployment lines, or hoping to make their next mortgage payment or just trying to put food on the table for their families.

None of them make $14 million a year. They don’t feel your pain. Frankly, they think you’re a pain.

Back to the business side of pro football, it involves trades. Even you. Your job is to lead your team on the field. Pat Bowlen and John McDaniels’ job is the bottom line, both financially and in the win-loss column.

Part of being QB1 of a an NFL franchise, earning millions of dollars a year and being 25 years old includes leadership and maturity. (Google both.)

Jay, it’s time to man up.

Yours truly,
John W. Scherer is CEO & Founder of Video Professor.
You can reach him to talk football or anything else at