Friday, April 29, 2005

APRIL BLOG-Congressional Edition

Memo to Congress
Protect our kids. According to a report on MSNBC, 50 THOUSAND registered sex offenders, heck, let’s call it like it is, 50-THOUSAND REGISTERED SEX PREDATORS are roaming around free with police unaware of where they are. A couple of them recently killed two innocent young girls in Florida. E-mail your elected representatives right now and let them know you want some real laws with real teeth, and plenty of jails to keep these predators locked up. Here are the main websites for the Congress and Senate to find out how to contact your Representative and Senators.

Memo to Congress II
Stay home. Check out this report. It seems many of our representatives love to fly, and it shows. With all the important problems facing us here at home, why are so many of you spending time in places like Paris, Barcelona and Rome? You’ll see that some of the folks making the most noise about these trips are the ones making the most trips themselves!

Memo to Pundits, Commentators and other associated DC Yahoo’s
All I’ve been hearing and reading about lately is “it was a good day for the Democrats, or a good day for the Republicans.” Sadly, what I’m not hearing or seeing is; “IT WAS A GOOD DAY FOR AMERICANS.”

While all these Yahoo’s are taking trips here and there, calling each other names, (I can hear that stuff at a local playground full of 5 year olds) and tossing around enough horse manure to fertilize the entire planet, kids are being kidnapped and killed, criminals are running amok, our justice system is crumbling, illegal immigrants are pouring across our un-protected borders and gas prices are soaring.

The neglect by Congress for the folks living along Main Street USA, borders on criminal. And both Republicans and Democrats share the blame. We’ve got crooks investigating other crooks.

I offer my Video Professor lessons free, so I’ll take that one step further and offer all of you in Washington DC this free advice.
  1. Start your day thinking about what you can do for the people that elected you.
  2. If you must travel, go home to your districts. Spend time with the people that elected you. Pittsburgh instead of Paris. Roanoke instead of Rome.
  3. Don’t run for re-election. We need some fresh faces with new ideas. New blood that truly believes their job is to serve the people.
One is the loneliest number
Russian President Vladimir Putin this week “bemoaned” the collapse of the Soviet Union. A feeling not likely shared by those folks who used to live under Russian rule. They especially appreciate the freedom part.

Memo to BCS
The folks who run the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) are wrangling this week in Scottsdale AZ to try and figure out the best way to choose a national champion in college football. The talk continues to center around polls. Computer polls, human polls and even “hybrid” polls. At least they’ve decided to open up the BCS to all Division 1 conferences.
Call me crazy, but why not try a play-off like most other major college sports?

Only in Packerland
You may have read about the lady in Wisconsin charged with embezzlement. The judge offered her a deal. 90 days in jail or surrendering her Packer Season tickets. (There’s a 35-year wait for them) Surprisingly she opted to give up the tickets. Not sure who is #1 one on the wait list, but they’re smiling today!

Music Music Music
Like a lot of you, I’m shopping around for an MP3 player. These little devices hold thousands of your favorite tunes. Now, while I’ve been teaching folks how to run all the fancy programs on their computers for 18 years, I continue to be amazed at the technology. Nokia for example, just announced a product that will double as an MP3 Player able to hold 3-thousand songs. Plus it will have a high-end digital camera built in, load video clips, and oh yes; make phone calls. Price? 900 bucks. H-m-m-m, I think I just got a new idea for a tutorial!

Big Bird
Airbus successfully made its first test flight of the new A330 Jumbo Jet. Luxury versions will have shops, restaurants, workout areas and even private bedrooms. The all-coach version will seat over 800 people. Some experts say Airbus will have to sell 700 of them to break even. Of course, unlike America’s Boeing, Airbus is government-subsidized.

Site o’ the week
If you’ve flown recently and were thrilled because you got two bags of snack mix instead of one, it wasn’t all that long ago that airline dining was something special. Check this site out then try not to remember it the next time you fly!

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