Thursday, September 08, 2005

JWS Blog – Week of September 9th

What goes around comes around
I’m so accustomed to seeing the world rely on aid from the United States when natural disasters strike, that it comes as a welcome surprise to see that over 94 countries have offered disaster relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Donors include long-time US allies such as Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada, France and Britain, and also from countries where our relations have been strained: Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. My hope is that by seeing Americans in need, some of the anti-American sentiment felt around the world will soften.
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When a picture is worth a thousand words
Victims of Hurricane Katrina who are worried about their property have turned to Google Earth to find out if their homes remain standing. Google was quickly able to add over 4,000 post hurricane images taken from a Cessna jet as overlays to its’ database of satellite images. Visit Google Earth >

Teaching and the Internet
There’s hardly a school left in America that isn’t connected with the Internet. A recent survey found that while most students felt that using the Internet helped them with their schoolwork, teachers weren’t as interested in including Internet based curriculum in their lesson plans. Read more >

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“Web gangs” . . . 21st Century mobsters
Is your vision of a hacker a teenage boy, sitting in his bedroom trying to hack into his schools’ computer to change his grades? Think again. Gangs of high-tech criminals are hard at work searching for ways to steal your money. And I’ve just heard that Internet crime is up 20% from this same time last year.

I can’t stress how important it is for everyone to educate themselves about computer security. By ignoring Internet security you face rogue hackers taking control of your PC and using it for identity theft and the distribution of spam and pornography.

Learning how to guard your sensitive information is the key to preventing identity theft. No current or new technologies will be able to prevent the misuse of your personal information once it has been stolen.
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Site o' the week
I’ve always heard that slow and steady wins the race . . . after climbing for 14 months, NASA’s Spirit rover finally completed a 270 foot climb to the crest of Mars’ Husband Hill, named after Rick Husband, commander of the fallen shuttle Columbia crew. Spirit is rewarding researchers with spectacular panoramic views of the plains below.
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