Friday, September 30, 2005

John W. Scherer VIDEO PROFESSOR BLOG Sept 30 2005

Let’s talk tech and computing!

But first let’s talk about Danica Patrick!
Ok, I did indeed, feel the need for speed. VIDEO PROFESSOR is an associate-sponsor of IRL Rookie of the Year Danica Patrick, for the last two races of this season. You’ll see the Video Professor logo on top of Danica’s helmet from her in-car camera. Danica is also Indianapolis 500 2005 Rookie of the Year. She’s a star with a bright future and we’re proud to be associated with her. Legendary driver Bobby Rahall owns Danica’s car along with CBS star David Letterman.

(With Team Danica at Pikes Peak International Raceway-Danica was a bit busy to pose with us!)

I got to know Danica through some mutual friends, and before you know it, I was a racing fan! Here are a couple of links to learn more about Danica and the Indy Racing League.

Happy Birthday Google
Search engine and money making machine Google, turns seven this week. It’s a noun, verb and likely soon to be an adjective, soon as someone can figure out the proper use. Just your basic story of a couple of guys with an idea.
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The Skype’s the limit
Today’s tech buzzwords are a crazy mix of upper and lower case letters. eBay, VoIP and while we’re on the subject of weird words, have you ever been “skyped?”
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Betamax Wars Part Deux
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there were two competing home videotape formats. VHS and Betamax. Beta was better, but VHS won the day. Today, videotape is passé, old-hat, so 20th century. DVDs are the new standard, but what about HD versions? There are (again) two competing formats. Here’s the latest on the battle for your HD viewing dollars and the heavyweights on each side. And once again, the rest of us are stuck in the middle again.
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Phonies find new ways to Phish
I’ve talked a lot in earlier blogs about “Phishers.” These are crooks that can easily fool you into answering their e-mails or routing you to what appear to be official sites. Their goal is purely to rip you off. While safeguards are getting better, these thieves are getting better too.

Both programs are outstanding learning tools, and one big reason is the level of work put into designing them.

Louisiana’s two Senators already have come up with the cost of rebuilding their state. 250 BILLION Dollars! Like all Americans, I’m glad to pitch in and help. But does EVERYTHING have to be gold plated?

As for where the money comes from, I think Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona has a very good idea. Take some of the pork from the recently signed highway bill and spend it instead on recovery efforts. But, that would make too much sense. Not a strong suit for the politicos from both parties in DC.

And politicos aren’t the only one’s pointing fingers at each other. The media is too. It seems there was some exaggerating going on.
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Finally a tip of the hat to authorities in the Lake Charles, LA area. Authorities there are holding 49 looters in a cold and wet concrete building. Each looter (ok, alleged looter) gets one MRE with water on the side each day. I’m sure once the ACLU gets wind of this there will be heck to pay, but for now, the looters (ok, alleged looters) are safely off the streets.

Speaking of baseball, a Denver sports writer wrote a few months ago about taking all the really bad teams each year, and putting them in their own division. It turns out we already have one. The NL-West. What we need is a rule banning any team with a record BELOW 500 from qualifying for any playoff. But, that would make too much sense. Not a strong suit for the folks who run Major League Baseball.

Quote o’ the week
“Don’t you get it?” Senator John McCain of Arizona to MLB Union Chief Donald Fehr during Senate hearings on the use of steroids in professional baseball. I guess the only thing we have to fear, is Fehr himself.
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Site o’ the week
Another variant of the sun clock we showed you a few months ago. I like this version better. As Chicago sings, “Does anybody know what time it is, does anybody really care?” But if you do, enjoy!

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