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Let’s talk tech and computing!

Arizona #1 in identity theft. How bad is it where you live?
ID Theft continues to be a plague on the nation. The more safeguards we put up, the craftier the crooks get. In Arizona, it’s especially bad. But it’s almost as bad everywhere else in the country.
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As a public service, we maintain a special section on our website with news you can use to protect yourself.

California Dreaming
Anti-Phishing legislation has been signed into law in California. The good news is the legislation calls for stiff penalties and more money back to victims. The bad news is, the law essentially is unenforceable.
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Digital Bread Crumbs
That’s once description of the trail of information you leave in your digital life; a trail which makes it easy for you to be “Googled.” And that might not be a good thing.
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Leaking loses customers
Too often, identity theft starts with information leaks. You and I read about it all the time. Just think about all the companies you do business with that have confidential personal information about you in their data files. Consumers however, are sending a clear message to companies. Keep information safe, or we’ll take our business elsewhere!
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Got kids? Get this!
Parents are paying more and more attention to what their kids eat, but short of going to school with them each day, it’s hard to track what they have for lunch. Until now. Computer technology is allowing moms and dads to make sure their kids are eating healthy.
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Jeff Gordon-look out for FLASH Gordon!
OK race fans, this league is for you. We talked last week about our associate sponsorship with IRL Rookie of the year Danica Patrick. Millions follow the exploits of drivers like Danica and Jeff Gordon over in NASCAR. But if you REALLY feel the need for speed, check out the Rocket Racing League!
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The $ound of music
I told you a couple of weeks ago about getting an iPod. Seems I’m not alone.
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The neatest thing about America, I think, is when someone comes up with an exciting piece of technology like the iPod; someone else comes along and finds a new way to use it.
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Mark October 12 are your calendar
Rumors are swirling (why do rumors always swirl?) that Steve Jobs just might announce a new version of the iPod that plays videos. Reporters are being sent invitations to attend a speech by Jobs on the 12th. If true, one question: Will Apple supply eye-buds to go with the ear-buds?
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Down by the old video stream
The demand for video is increasing daily. Folks are watching video on their computers, PDA’s and their cell phones. (I even heard that some people watch video on TV!)
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No film, no wires, no kidding
If companies like Kodak make taking and sending pictures any easier, I’ll have to see it to believe it!
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Off topic

Hurricane Relief Efforts
The long process of re-building lives and livelihoods is underway in states impacted by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Many folks need to get back to work, and discovering that they need to improve their computing skills. Video Professor has just donated 70 computer tutorials to the Families First Resource Center in Picayune MS for their computer-learning lab. As similar efforts ramp up in the region, we’ll be working with other organizations as well, contributing where we can to make a difference.

Clint would be proud
In Colorado we have something called the “Make my day” law. And for good reason.
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200 Million Dollars
Estimated cost to business due to lack of productivity during the baseball playoffs and World Series. It seems a lot of folks spend more than a few minutes each day working on office pools, fantasy leagues etc. If it’s any consolation, it’s even worse in March!

That said…
Things can get out of hand however. Keep this in mind the next time you fly out of DIA!
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Prank o’ the week
Some Navy Midshipmen from Annapolis are spending time at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs as part of an exchange program. Air Force plays Navy October 8, and if you’ve ever been in the military, you know all about rivalries between the service branches. On the AFA campus is an F4 Phantom, a fighter once flown by both the Navy and Air Force. Of course, the one at the Academy is normally painted in Air Force Colors, that is until the Middies painted it blue with Blue Angels logos! The reaction from the AFA cadets? They’re happy to settle it all on the football field. But just to be safe, the folks in Annapolis might want to post some extra guards!

Site o’ the week
If you love to fly, you may be familiar with Captain Meryl Getline. She flies “heavies” for United Airlines. Captain Meryl has a regular column in the travel section at . An accomplished pilot for much of her life, she and her husband also maintain a terrific website. Check out the video shot by a crew from another airline landing and taking off in San Diego!

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