Friday, October 28, 2005

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It seemed like a good idea at the time
Motorola’s new iTunes equipped cell phone, named ROKR, could be a DUD instead. Folks are returning them in droves. Apparently folks are exactly thrilled with the device that only holds a hundred tunes and is so-so as a phone.
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High Tech “Grunts”
Much has been written and broadcast about the increasingly high-tech tools used by our country’s military. Soon we might be hearing “When Android Comes Marching Home.”
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Is your thumb, numb, chum?
Why is it that so much of the new technology, designed to make our lives simpler, ends up creating new medical woes? Maybe it’s just in our minds, or in this case, our thumbs.
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Yeah, but how will it work for Monday Night Football?
I’ve always been a sucker anytime a “video time-warping machine with a tangible deformable screen” comes on the market. Actually, you’ll need to read this a few times, but then the possibilities come flying at you!
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Nice work if you can get it
Ah the life of a pro player. Lots of money and cool cars. But I’m not talking about a player in the NFL or NBA, unless of course, they’re digital. Meet Kyle Miller.
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Possible perils of on-line job hunting
There’s a good chance you’re either using an online service to look for a job, or got the one you have now but job hunting online. It’s a great tool for employers, and a great tool for identity thieves!
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Off topic

Good Night and Good Luck
I hope you’ve had the chance to see Good Night and Good Luck, the story of legendary CBS newsman Ed Murrow, who along with producer Fred Friendly took on political bully Senator Joe McCarthy. McCarthy, destroyed countless lives in the 1950’s during his infamous witch-hunts.

Murrow took him on, and McCarthy ended up being rebuked by the very Senate he worked in, later dying alone and disgraced.

But in this age of the Internet, McCarthy’s tactics are worth remembering. He’d make up the most preposterous charges, with absolutely no evidence and announce them on national television. And once out there, the damage was done.

Today, anyone can make up and say the most ridiculous and outrageous things about good and honest people on the Internet, and once out there, again, the damage is done. And sadly, we don’t have someone like Murrow to help us out this time.

So, see this movie. It’s likely to win a bunch of Academy Awards, especially for David Strathairn’s performance as Murrow. But pay attention to McCarthy’s tactics, as they’re being used right now to cyber-smear many innocent people.

Rosa Parks 1913-2005
In 1955, Seamstress Rosa Parks took a seat on a bus in Montgomery, AL. When a white man demanded her seat, she refused. Back in those days, people of color were supposed to sit in the back of the bus. Her act of peaceful defiance started a movement that has allowed all of us to move to the front of the bus. Rosa Parks died this week at the age of 92. Rosa Parks proved, that regardless of gender of the color of one’s skin, that one person can make a difference.

Got sense of humor?
Major League Baseball is a tad upset with the folks that put milk on your table every day. A Dairy Association spot running during the series was about a player getting pulled aside for a performance-enhancing product. Of course the product was milk. Some of the MLB folks were not amused. Which proves they still don’t get it, and are in desperate need of a sense of humor.

Although there are plenty of smiles in Chicago! 4 Straight. Wow!

Quote o’ the week
Green Bay Packer coach Mike Sherman was asked what people will be saying about QB Brett Favre 20 years from now. Sherman replied, “He plays pretty good for his age!” (Thanks to Paul Harvey)

Site o’ the week
We thought about using this particular advertising firm, but weren’t exactly impressed with their concepts and ideas. I think personally that Donald Trump would fire these guys!

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