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John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog November 4, 2005

Let’s talk tech and computing!

The always interesting and innovative Internet
It really wasn’t all that long ago that a bunch of computer geeks at the Pentagon created something called the Internet. (Sorry Al) It’s as close to a living, breathing and evolving creature anywhere. And it just keeps on getting better.

Innovation brings competition (and that’s good for all of us)
The folks at Google are making inroads everywhere on the net. Microsoft, (like anyone else in the biz) is taking notice. Check out this new beta test site! Let me know what you think about it. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the blog.
The networks are figuring out that if they want you to watch, it has to be convenient to you instead of them. NBC just announced an option for folks who can’t make it home for the 6 o ’clock news.

You should also check out digital video recorders. Devices like TiVo are changing the way you watch TV. Satellite and cable companies offer the technology and once you’ve tried one, you never go back.

Just one more reason why Wal-Mart is so efficient
Ok, I know some folks have it in for Wal-Mart. The company is taking a lot of pot shots lately. But you have to admit that a huge part of their success comes from simply being efficient. Including the way they keep track of stock, how much to stock, and when. Ole’ Sam Walton was a pretty simple fellow, but success has been built on high technology.

Dorothy was right, there is no place like home!
I’m just one of millions of working Americans who take their work home with them. And spare bedrooms are quickly turning into home offices. The benefits are equal for companies and their employees. And computers make it all possible.

Serious games-not an oxymoron
Ok, you think about video games and it’s wham, zap and ka-pow with some vroom tossed in for good measure. If your kids are really into video games, the career potential is awesome. And not just to create games, but really make a difference.

Business Week Tech Buying Guide
Make sure the November 7 issue of BusinessWeek is on your must-read list. It’s the magazine’s annual tech buying guide, and it’s full of very helpful and useful information to sort through what’s hot, and not so hot. I guarantee you’ll find something for the “hard to buy for” person on your list.

Off topic

Nomination part Deux
President Bush announced his nomination for Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court on Monday. As you know, Harriet Miers withdrew last week, which is sad because despite what you heard or thought about her qualifications, she never got a chance to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Our court system is all about due process, yet she never was afforded the opportunity.

Let’s hope the folks inside the beltway give the process a chance this time around with Judge Samuel Alito. Write your Senators, tell them to ease up on the grandstanding and stick with the process. It’s served us well for hundreds of years.

Time to raise the bar folks
Words like “Nuclear Option” and “Armageddon” are being tossed around Washington so often these days, it seems like we’re back to the cold war days of the 1960s. Except it’s Democrats and Republicans instead of the United States and the old Soviet Union.

This sort of rhetoric is insulting to the vast majority of Americans who expect more from our elected representatives and the media that eggs them on. Is it too much to expect even a little dignity in the process?

Quote o’ the week
"I used to speak in the church all the time. The sisters in the front row fanning themselves would say to my grandmother, this child sure can talk!'" -Oprah Winfrey on how she first started honing her public speaking skills.

Site o’ the week
Just your basic chain reaction puzzle page! (See if you can beat my 1,037)
Visit: Grid Game

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