Friday, October 14, 2005

John W. Scherer VIDEO PROFESSOR Blog-October 14, 2005

I hope you get the chance to watch the Indy Racing League season finale on October 16. You can watch the race on ESPN. Look for the onboard camera shots from Danica Patrick’s #16. You’ll see the logo on top of Danica’s helmet. Danica is this year’s IRL Rookie of the Year, and also took top rookie honors at the Indianapolis 500. I’m proud and excited to be associated with Danica Patrick. She’s a terrific person, one hot driver, and I’ll be in California cheering her on! Look for pictures next week here on the blog. To learn more about Danica and the IRL, visit these websites.

Privacy vs. Protection
I write just about every week here on the blog, about protecting you, your computer and your money. Incredible technology is being developed to do just that. But at what point does protection compromise your privacy?
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We maintain a special section on our website available to everyone absolutely free with the latest news on protecting you and your computer. Make a point to add it to your favorites list.
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One more thing
Rumor became fact as Apple unveiled a video version of its hugely popular iPod. Priced at $299 and $399, it features a 2.5-inch screen and can hold up to 150 hours of video. It also displays still pics and plays music. And it’s thinner than the original!
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Better thing?
DISH Network beat Apple to the punch, and at first blush, perhaps a better product with its own pocket video player. It’s called PocketDish, and while it costs more than the iPod it certainly seems to be much more versatile, especially in how you can input video. I LOVE THESE TOYS!!
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For all of you making a list and checking it twice
This is the time of year when kids of all ages dream about high-tech presents in their stockings. Here’s a preview of just some of the hot new products arriving in time for Christmas.
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NASA starting to get 2001 in 2005 but just barely.
One of the great sequences in the landmark film, 2001-A Space Odyssey; starts right at the beginning when the Pam-Am Shuttle docks with the space station. Director Stanley Kubrick and author Arthur C. Clark understood the future of space way back in 1968. Along with Pan-Am, (sadly just a memory) several other commercial brands were featured including hotel and communications companies.

NASA blazed America’s trail into space, but is now just beginning to understand that commercialization of space is the future. It’s one area where the Russians did beat us, sending up private passengers to the International Space Station for 20 million a trip. And now entrepreneur extraordinaire Richard Branson is teaming with Burt Ruttan for sub-orbital hops into space for 200-thousand a trip.
Both are way out of my budget, but this is just the beginning.
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A huge tip of the hat to Bill O’Reilly of FOX News and Oprah Winfrey for their efforts going after child molesters. Bill O’Reilly makes it a point to skewer weak judges and hold state’s with even weaker laws, accountable. Oprah Winfrey, herself a victim of rape at the age of 9 years old, is personally handing out one hundred thousand dollar rewards to people who turn in these predators. There are thousands of them on the loose, sprung from jail after ridiculously short sentences behind bars. Once out, they blend into society. We need tougher laws, tougher judges and very awful jails to put them in for the rest of their lives.

To learn more, visit these websites:
Support these two fine Americans by visiting their websites on a regular basis and watching their shows. I’m going to guess Bill and Oprah may have different political views about a lot of things, but their efforts in fighting this scourge on society deserves all of our support. And contact your local and national elected representatives. Hold their feet to the fire.

Quote o’ the week
“The opposite of pro is con. That fact is clearly seen. If progress means move forward, then what does Congress mean?” –Nipsey Russell, who died this week at the age of 80.

Site o’ the week
With Halloween just a few weeks away, time to sharpen your pumpkin carving skills!

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