Tuesday, January 17, 2006

John W. Scherer VIDEO PROFESSOR BLOG - January 17th

CES is over, you can get on with your lives now

Let’s talk tech, computing and CES

News from the Consumer Electronics show
Wow! Imagine 28 football fields full of electronic toys! And last week’s Consumer Electronics Show delivered a lot of news! It was a world of 100-inch wide plasma screens, and screens small enough to fit into your pocket. Wires? Old School. Some observers say it’s just getting to complicated for most folks and the worry is those folks might sit on their wallets until they figure it all out. H-m-m-m, sounds like plenty of opportunity for new tutorials! Stay tuned!!

Several links of interesting stories, not the least of which is Google’s efforts to compete with Apple in the video business.
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Got Deal? Got phone? Then Google. Second only to the displays at CES, is the deal making. This one extends the reach of Google even more.
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There’s a “war” developing between folks developing competing formats for HD-DVD’s. It’s a repeat of the Beta-VHS format wars from the 70’s. Bill Gates says it’s a bit foolish. I agree. I mean; it’s all about entertainment. Can’t we all just get along?
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The future of HDTV might be as simple as “Who’s got game?” As with a lot of new technology, what often drives success is not what you expect.
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Hey Mac, is that an Intel inside? (Oops, old slogan)
Once shunned, Intel is now inside the new Macs. Talk about a turnaround.
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UT to spammers: Hook’em!
When it comes to college football, or fighting spammers, the rule is: Don’t mess with Texas. So says the United States Supreme Court.
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Top 50 gadgets
Remember the Sony Walkman? It was the ultimate in hip, to wear on your hip. Wow, a portable music player. Let’s face it, we love gadgets and the folks at PC World took the time to rate the Top 50 of all time. So take a trip down techno-memory lane!
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It was a bit of a tough year for the media, with the correction columns using plenty of ink in 2005. Here’s a look back at the year that was, and what some wish hadn’t. Or at least wished they’d reported about it right the first time.
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And 2006 didn’t get off to a much better start.

Retirement? Why?
Much is being said about the first of the “Baby Boomer” generation turning 60 this year. I think the real news is that people are living and working longer than ever. 80 year old Marv Levy just went back to work for the Buffalo Bills, 79-year-old Joe Paterno coached Penn State to an Orange Bowl Victory and intrepid CBS reporter Mike Wallace is 87! Warren Buffet is in his late 70’s and Kirk Kekourian continues to run his multi-billion dollar empire at the age of 86! All have jobs that would stress out people more than half their age! Yet they seem to thrive on the challenge.

Young, and young Vick: A cautionary tale.
Now-former Texas Longhorn Vince Young has a golden arm, golden feet and a golden future. No one is blaming him, including the whole state of Texas, for coming out early. Vince Young put on a display at the Rose Bowl for the ages. Vince Young is a very classy young man who always goes out of his way to share the credit for his success. Some have said he may not be ready for the NFL. I think it’s the other way around. He’s going to give defensive coordinators fits.

Then there’s Marcus Vick. Just kicked off the Virginia Tech football team for being, well, stupid, he declared himself available for the NFL draft and to impress NFL teams, he now finds himself charged with pulling a gun on some people in a parking lot. And this isn’t his first brush with the law. His police file is growing while his stock is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Good people finish first. Always. Congrats Vince. You’re a terrific young man and a role model for anyone to follow. As for Marcus, 5-6th round maybe, and likely to the Raiders. Ha!

Question o’ the week
About the Alito Hearings, if they’re called “Hearings,” why were so many Senators talking all the time? Up next: Confirmation.

Site o’ the week
The neat thing about today’s technology is most folks can now use their home video cameras and computers to make movies. The bad thing about today’s technology is most folks can now use their home video cameras and computers to make movies.
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