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John W. Scherer VIDEO PROFESSOR BLOG January 20th, 2006

Are you ready to go wireless?
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“Learn Wireless Networking” tutorial released
“Look ma, no wires!” might be the new catch phrase in home computing. Today’s consumers can now enjoy multiple locations around the home for all things computing through wireless technology. Video Professor, the leader in computer tutorials recognizes the growth and also the need for a simple, easy-to-understand learning method to make your home wireless and make computing more efficient than ever before.

Video Professor’s Learn Wireless Networking tutorial, using the company’s proven “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Do” method of learning, will take you from the basics of today’s wireless networks to setting up your own home wireless system. Users will learn about Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth® wireless technology gadgets, and how everyone in your family can have multiple access for work or play and maintain the best personal security.

We’ll be debuting the new tutorial at the SundanceTM Film Festival in Park City, UT. We’ll have lots of pictures for you in next week’s blog!

Desktop vs laptop: The storage gap narrows
The folks at Seagate just released a new notebook, with some pretty impressive storage capacity. And they’re using something called a “Perpendicular Drive.” Sounds like something Scotty would say on Star Trek! But this technology is anything but, science fiction.
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Who will be the new gatekeepers?
“The medium is the message” was the saying not that long ago. Still relevant today, but decreasingly so as new forms of advertisements become available to us. (Whether we like it or not) And ads that are interactive to boot. A changing of the media guard is indeed underway.
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The Super Bowl is just over two weeks away and you'll see more ads for big screen monitors than ever before. You need a big screen to watch the big game, right? That said; it appears to be the tiny screens having the biggest impact on TV ratings! So, smaller is bigger.
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2007-A Windows XP Odyssey
The folks at Microsoft have set 2007 for the next major update to their Windows XP program.
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In the blink of an eye
There are literally billions of web sites out there on the Web. You might have one yourself, either for personal or business use. So just how important is design? You better catch your viewer’s attention in just one blink!
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Off Topic: The punishment fits the crime
Despite the best efforts of security folks, every once in a while some yahoo runs out on the field during a football game. It’s an extremely dangerous situation. One such yahoo ran into the wrong judge in his case. The verdict? NO FOOTBALL FOR YOU!
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Speaking of sports
The final four go at it this weekend. It's the Broncos vs. Steelers for the AFC Championship and the Seahawks vs. the Panthers for the NFC title. The Steelers and Panthers are definite road warriors, and will need to pull off yet another road win to make it to Super Bowl XL. And doesn’t the Roman Numerals XL seem appropriate this year! Four classy franchises, with four very strong coaches and four organizations that put teamwork ahead of individual stardom. No matter who wins, this year’s championship should be the proverbial “Humdinger!”

Speaking of Canadian politics
It just may be true that everyone has a double somewhere. Apparently mine is a Canadian running for Prime Minister! A reporter for the CBC in Canada noticed the similarity and that’s how I found out about it.

Jack Layton-NDP
Candidate: Prime Minister of Canada*

Quote o’ the week

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Site o’ the week
How do you find a good parking spot? Practice, practice, practice. This starts easy then gets more and more frustrating with each level. Just like in real life parking! Enjoy. (I think.)
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