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John W Scherer Video Professor BLOG February 3, 2006

Super Bowl XL Edition

Let’s talk tech and whatever else going on

Virus alert
Yet another virus may be on the loose as of Friday Feb. 3. Your main ounce of prevention is simply not to open any e-mail attachments from senders you have the least bit of doubt about. Here’s the latest info.
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The gold may be in them thar hills, but the treasure is on the ‘Net
I always thought the Internet was the ultimate in reality. Apparently I was wrong. Or right.
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$20 billion
Loss in value after Google announced Q4 numbers that didn’t impress Wall Street. Plus that whole China thing is hurting as well. Welcome to reality.
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Got wireless? Got Slingbox?
EchoStar’s Charlie Ergen and Liberty Media’s John Malone are slinging some serious cash at something called Slingbox. Imagine curling up in front of your TV in Boston, while you’re in San Francisco.
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BusinessWeek, in the February 6th issue, is reporting that Microsoft might be working on its own digital music player. According to BusinessWeek, Microsoft has a team in place to study the idea. One could only guess at the potential to include Xbox technology for games and video, along with the music. Stay tuned.

Blogs, freedom of speech and the rest of the world
America is unique in its protection of free speech. No country has anything close to our First Amendment. It allows me to put this blog out each week, along with millions of my fellow countrymen. But the same rules don’t apply elsewhere around the world, and despite the enormous economic growth in China, free speech remains on the back burner with the heat turned to low. And it’s an issue creating some major PR issues for companies like Google and Microsoft.
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Don’t forget the digital when making your will
Ok, no one likes to prepare a will. But it’s good business and protects your family and heirs. But don’t forget the digital assets, along with the more conventional ones.
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Average price of a Super Bowl ticket on on Jan 30.

Price of a 50-inch Panasonic HD set. Ok, if you’re a Steelers or Seahawks fan, price isn’t the object. But for the rest of us, the HD set looks pretty good.

Sundance follow-up
We’ve sent our autographed Sundance Film Festival Poster to the nice folks at St. Jude’s hospital. They’re preparing it for auction on eBay and it’s expected to be up for bids within a couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted!

Quote o’ the week
"I wish they were teeth so I could have them pulled. The only time they don't hurt is when I'm in the race car."-NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion Tony Stewart, commenting on injured ribs suffered in a sprint car accident, while racing in the just completed Rolex 24 at Daytona.

Site o’ the week
There are choirs, and then there are choirs.
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