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Post-Super Bowl XL Edition

Let’s talk tech (and assorted stuff)!

State o’ the blog
OK, it doesn’t have all the pomp and circumstance of the State of the Union, but it does have all sorts of charts and graphs and stuff. And seriously, this blog stuff is becoming serious business! (Thanks to, a site I highly recommend)
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But where do we put the stamp?
One of the great things about e-mail, and something not un-noticed by the folks at the post office, is that you can send e-mails for free. No postage required. It’s absolutely and totally changed the way we communicate. But along came spam. So companies are trying new tactics to make sure neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night, nor filters, prevent legitimate e-mails getting from here to there. And positively, absolutely, instantly.
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Zillow talk
Former CEO Rich Barton has come up with a way to expedite the way you “Zestimate” the value of real estate you own, or want to own. He worked wonders with travel; can he do the same with property? Don’t bet against him.
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Googling for a Beemer? You might want to try Yahoo.
Elegant automaker BMW has run afoul of monster search engine Google. Of course, Google just may be cranky at Wall Street and is taking it out on someone else. Either way, an interesting story and we’ll likely hear more about this sort of thing as the world of the Internet weaves its way through our lives and culture.
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A word to the wise about protecting your identity
I saw an interesting report this week on local TV. Seems ID thieves have yet another trick up their sleeves. I often see folks at the airport carrying their driver’s license in a clear packet around their neck. I know, it makes it easier when going through security, but it also makes it very easy for a crook and a cell phone camera to grab a picture of it. Your driver’s license holds a lot of important information and the cameras on cell phones these days are getting better and better. Keep any and all ID securely tucked away until you need to show it to someone who actually needs to see it!

Alive if not exactly kicking
There’s a fascinating little science experiment going on, but unlike the ones we did at school, this one is literally out of this world!
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Off topic

Idol wannabes trump pop superstars
The folks who put on the Grammy Awards are scratching their heads after being trounced by American Idol on FOX. Overnight Nielsen ratings show Idol beating out the Grammy Awards by a 17.4 rating and 26 share vs a 12.3 rating and a 19 share. Ironically American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson won a Grammy herself. But more people watched the next Kelly Clarkson instead!

Britney: The new Michael?
Anyone NOT remember the pics of Michael Jackson hanging “his” baby over the side of a balcony? (“His” is in quote for several reasons.) Now we see that young mom and fast-fading pop star Britney Spears took her child for a car ride. In her lap! Britney claims she was being chased by paparazzi. So what was her bodyguard in the passenger seat being paid to do? Being a star obviously doesn’t guarantee parenting skills. Not even close.

Super Bowl XL
I’m confused. For two weeks, every sports writer in the country hypes the Superbowl. So does the NFL. There is a four-hour live pre-game show. They open with Stevie Wonder, Aretha and Aaron sing the national anthem, plus they have Mick and the lads at half time. Then all the same sports writers complain the game was dull. How can any football game live up to that kind of hype? Thank heavens for this year’s Rose Bowl!

Quote o’ the week
"Poor Paul Allen — always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The Steelers won by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the Seahawks operating system with a defensive denial of service attack. Though the 'Hawks often crashed on their own….”-Jackson West/Om Malik Blog. (Paul Allen is co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Seattle Seahawks)

Site o’ the week
There’s a neat little town in western Colorado called Ouray. And they have a very neat web cam that makes this view look like a postcard each and every day!
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