Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Bunny Edition!

Easter Bunny Edition!

Let’s talk tech! (And other assorted and sundry items)

Microsoft megapatch.
The folks from Redmond released a major fix for its Windows Explorer program this week. These fixes are especially important for inexperienced users of the program.
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Podcasts are all the rage. Maybe. It seems a lot more people talk about podcasts than listen to them.
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Bill’s got game.
For most of us, video gaming means going to the store and buying a game. But when your name is Bill Gates, well, you just do things differently!
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It’s about time. is all the rage. It’s both hip and dangerous. Predators prowl the site looking for victims to exploit in the worst ways. Finally, the site is taking action. It’s not enough, but better than nothing and better late than never.
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And why the Web remains such a great thing (if used properly).
Cancer is a tough fight—especially for kids. I can’t wait for the day when there’s a cure. But one of the great things about kids is, when they have someone to share their experience with, it makes a huge difference. We could learn a lot from kids!
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Not to be confused with kangaroo.
The Internet in the palm of your hand? Yep!
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Watching Lost is now as simple as ABC.
Many of your favorite ABC series will soon be showing at a computer near you. The folks at Disney and ABC will start streaming hit shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives to your computer. One hitch. If you’re a DVR user and used to skipping through commercials, you won’t be able to do the same thing on your computer. This is an interesting move by ABC as they just started selling episodes of these shows on iTunes for $1.99. And you have to wonder how local affiliates will feel about all this. Still, progress of sorts and proof that TV isn’t just for TV anymore!
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Google, China and censorship.
Google continues to expand its business in China, and to at least some dismay, agrees with strict censorship rules in China. Essentially this is how it works:

That said, the Muzzle goes to:
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Off topic.

13 Trillion Dollars:
Growth in household net worth during the last three years here in the United States.

The immigration mess: who really needs to be deported!
Immigration reform is a critical issue facing our country. There are many opinions and they all should be heard. But we also need action and direction. That’s why we elect Congress. Instead of facing the issue, they cut and run for Easter break. Perhaps we should deport them and start all over again.

Quote o’ the week
“I didn't hit the ball like I was 46. But I putted like I was 66.”Fred Couples on his disappointment not becoming the oldest winner of the Masters. (I feel your pain Fred.)
Site o’ the week
There are keyboards. And then there are KEYBOARDS.
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