Friday, April 07, 2006

No Foolin'!!


John W. Scherer VIDEO PROFESSOR Blog


I just spent $15,000 for a dummy. Ok, before you say that I’m a dummy, a quick explanation.

Earlier this year, driver Greg Pringle, got caught using a dummy in his front passenger seat so he could use the HOV lanes during his morning commute.

The name of the dummy is Tillie. Part of the sentence mandated that Tillie be auctioned off on eBay with the proceeds going to the Alive at 25.  (

It’s a great cause so I ended up with the winning bid of $15,000. The saga of Tillie has been all over the local and national media including Good Morning America.  

This week Video Professor held a news conference to show her off and to announce our plans to partner with Alive at 25, using Tillie as an on-going fundraiser.

You can watch the streaming video by clicking here.

And if you have any creative ways you think Video Professor can use Tillie to raise money and encourage kids to be safe drivers, let me know.

John W. Scherer
CEO and Founder