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John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog Aug. 11, 2006

Technically speaking, of course!!

Life changing events?
Technology advances faster than the average human can keep up, and frankly should for that matter. By the time we invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the latest gadget, the newer version is on its heels. Well, if you are a sucker for the latest and greatest gadget, this story should appeal to you. Look for these six innovations to hit the market in the year(s) to come. I’m particularly fond of high-speed Internet being integrated into household appliances. These ideas are great, but what I really want to see is the ability to program my DVR from my workplace. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to set my DVR to record a show. If I could hook it up to an Internet connection, I could program it from anywhere in the world and not miss any shows. One can only dream, I guess.
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AOL offers free anti-virus software
Keeping your computer free from viruses and spyware is the first step in keeping yourself safe in a cyber world. A good start is with AOL’s new free anti-virus software. And, there are other things you can do. Make sure your software is completely up-to-date and that you perform regular scans. If you ever have questions on how to keep you computer healthy, Video Professor offers a number of tutorials about Internet safety, along with virus protection and anti-spyware applications.
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Google stepping up to help surfers
It’s great to see that some of the world’s most-popular web sites are jumping on board to help surfers. Google recently announced that it has teamed up with as a proactive approach to web safety. Google will alert users to hazards lurking on web sites before visitors click on them. If you try to click on a suspect site, you’ll see a page stating: "Warning -- The web site you attempted to visit has been reported to as a site that hosts or distributes badware."
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Want to know how to build a computer?
Video Professor has been teaching folks how to use their computers for nearly 20 years now. In that time, we’ve taught almost 8 million people how to use their computers, navigate the most-popular software titles and now we have even began teaching folks how to get the most out of their computer with our Learn How to Buy and Sell on eBay® tutorial. In that time, however, I’ve never taught you how to build your own computer. Maybe this article will help. And who knows, maybe someday Video Professor will launch a full tutorial on the subject.
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Off topic:
Go back to college
Living in Denver, I’m a Nuggets fan. I’m elated that the powder blue and gold wrapped up forward Carmelo Anthony for a long time to come. Face it; he’s the best thing that’s happened to basketball in this town since “The Stiff” was roaming the sidelines. I, like many other Nuggets fans this week, gasped when I heard the news that ‘Melo hurt his knee in an exhibition game playing for Team USA. As it turns out, he’s going to be fine, but that’s not the point. I know there is a push to show the world that the United States is still the dominating force in basketball, but it’s coming at a high expense. The NBA is the premier league in the world, and the players should stay put. I want the players to be fresh and injury free when February and the playoff push comes. Letting the NBA’s brightest stars play in exhibition games during the summer exposes them to so many risks. I realize that players can get hurt anytime during the off-season playing pickup games, but exposing the stars to game-speed conditions makes them more vulnerable to injury or fatigue. A note to USA Basketball: Develop a team of college superstars and regain our dominance with amateurs, like we did many years ago.
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Be a man and take responsibility for your actions
I want to offer a word of advice to former Broncos (and I use that term loosely) running back Maurice Clarett. Whew, I’m glad he was only in Denver for a very, very short time. It’s time to grow up and starting acting like a man. In your short, 22-year life, you’ve ran into your share of trouble. Your act is getting old. You abused the privileges you’ve earned by being a stellar athlete. You did not take advantage of your God-given ability and have gone in the other direction. Instead of going down in the history books as possibly one of the best running backs of your generation, you’ll forever be remembered as a thug. This is a great story on by writer Tom Friend, detailing the events leading up to Clarett’s latest run-in with the law.
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Site o’ the week
National Football League training camps are in full swing and preseason games start today. We’ve all got NFL fever. Gauging how the industry has exploded in the past few years, Fantasy Football is almost as popular as the games themselves. I personally don’t play Fantasy Football, but I know there are a ton of you out there that do. If you are looking to jump off that bridge for the first time this year, this web site is a great place to start. It’s got insight on the best players, strategies and pretty much everything you need to get started.

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