Friday, August 18, 2006

John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog Aug. 18, 2006

Let’s talk tech!!

The Great Wall!
What is the world coming too? Not a week goes by that I’m not warning you about something lurking in cyberspace. Through our computer tutorials, Video Professor has taught you about identity theft, spyware, viruses and all of the dangers lurking. Protection software is not enough. You also need a reliable firewall. A firewall is software that builds a barrier around your computer, keeping malcontents out. In addition to the Video Professor Internet safety tutorial, here is another resource that will help. Make sure you do some research and find the firewall that is best for you.
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Stop “Googling”…
Or at least stop using it as a verb. To Google, or not to Google, that is the question. Apparently the brand police at Google will begin cracking down on misuse of their name. They are a little peeved that the term Google has infiltrated our vernacular. That’s the problem with success. I wonder what the Q-tip, Xerox and Rollerblade people think about this.
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Kick the TV to the curb
When it comes to a free hour, you would think that a lot of people would prefer to sit in front of the TV and “veg.” Well, technology has changed that apparently. According to a survey conducted by RealNetworks, 31 percent of people over 18 would rather sit down to play a casual game online than watch the tube. They also discovered that 49 percent of folks would rather partake in online gaming than go to the movies. Now that’s one I can understand. With the lack of blockbusters Hollywood has produced lately, I’d rather save my 15 bucks, or whatever it costs these days, and spend my time doing something else.
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Don’t just casual game, build your own
Video games are taking over society. Not since the days of Pong, has so much attention been paid to the gaming industry. So many different games are available to us nowadays. I guess it’s not just for kids anymore. Microsoft wants us to take it to the next level. They will soon launch software that enables people to create their own games for the Xbox console. Who wouldn’t want to build themselves into a game? The biggest question though will be: Do we make ourselves the heroes or villains?
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You’re being watched
We all used to think it was “the man,” or the government who was watching us. I’m willing to bet that marketers are bigger perpetrators. If you’re using various search engines, you are leaving behind data that helps marketers identify your likes and dislikes. Don’t worry, it’s not personal information like your name or address, but info on your shopping habits and surfing preferences. According to Jeff Marshall, senior vice president of Starcom IP, “Search behavior is the closest thing we have to a window into people’s intent. When people are gathering information to make a choice that means they are often going to spend money.”
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Off topic:
Relevant Information: Who needs it?
Is it more important to be able to correctly identify a few of the seven dwarfs or to know who makes up the Supreme Court? I think it’s pretty scary that more people can name two dwarfs than can name two Supreme Court justices. That’s a pretty grim view of American society. If we want to maintain our edge as the world’s superpower, we all better pay attention, get smarter and take back control. I’m not saying that there aren’t a ton of very smart and talented people in this country; I just think that there are more important things to have knowledge about than who is Homer Simpson’s son.
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A note to NFL babies: Shut up and play!
I’m a little sick of T.O.’s attitude. No, I’m a lot of sick of T.O.’s attitude. In fact, I’m getting sick of a lot of players’ attitudes around “the League” this year. It’s high time that you babies grow up and starting acting like men. Quit your whining, quit fighting with coaches and do what you’re paid to do. Play the game and play the game like it should be played. You get paid to play. Your coach gets paid to put you in the position to win the game. Listen to them and it’ll make your lives easier.
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Site o’ the week
Have you ever had to send a file that was just too big for your e-mail server? If you need to go large, go to On that site you can e-mail files up to 100 MB for free, and as an added bonus, they’ll scan it for viruses too.

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