Friday, October 06, 2006

John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog Oct. 6, 2006

Let’s talk about technology!

Free Wi-Fi is expensive
What is good for us is not good for cities. Many cities across the country are rushing to install free Wi-Fi in a race to keep up with technology. But it can be quite costly. Some experts are estimating cities will spend upwards of $700 million to build their wireless networks. Is this cost going to get passed down to us? Are we headed for a case of when free is not really free?
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Good news for Microsoft
We may be reaching the Vista on time. According to recent reports, Microsoft’s new and much anticipated operating system, Vista, is due to hit shelves on time next year. There had been much talk that Microsoft was not going to meet its deadlines, but analysts are expecting it to come out on time. That means that Video Professor will be right in step, providing you the most in-depth training of the latest operating system on the market.
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Are we getting too lazy?
Seriously? Is this what this country is coming too? I know work ethic has waned over the past decade, and the rise of the Internet has made slacking even easier, but this is ridiculous. Attention employers, be on the look out for more sick time abusers. There is a web site out there that allows people to record their sick message the night before and the site will automatically deliver it to your voice mail before you get to work. For innovation, I give it an “A,” for productivity, an “F.”
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Technology and football
Technology has helped football become America’s pastime. It has certainly passed baseball in terms of popularity. When most people think of technology in the game, they instantly think of how the Internet helps them track their fantasy teams. Well, technology really does more than that. In fact, it can help keep the players safe on the field. Check out a few ways that technology is helping players.
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With a heavy heart…
My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends of the people who have needlessly suffered in the wake of the recent events in Bailey, CO. and Lancaster County, Pa. It makes me sick when I pick up the newspaper and see innocent people suffer like this. I wish I could do more to help make these incidents stop forever and maybe someday, if we all work together, we can help stop these attacks from happening.

Picks o’ the week!
I’ll take a 2-1 week, which bumps my overall record to 8-4 on the season. Heck, if I would have said I’d be four games over .500 going into Week 5, you would have thought I was crazy. I should have been 3-0 though, but “Marty-ball” had to show its ugly face. With a 13-6 lead going into the fourth quarter, San Diego allowed Baltimore to score nine points in the final stanza and steal the game. Now I know Baltimore was at home and Baltimore has a great defense, but San Diego lost control of the game. They were dominating the action, until Marty decided to go ultra conservative with the playbook. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers only attempted eight passes in the second half. It’s one thing to try and protect a lead, but a team will never win in the NFL if it plays the entire second half trying not to lose. Cliché warning: Teams have to play a full 60 minutes in the NFL, or they will get bitten. Anyway, I digress. Here are the games I like this week:

Philadelphia over Dallas: This should be the game of the weekend. T.O. (Terrell Owens), the controversial wide receiver, makes his return to familiar confines. T.O. left Philly last year in a cloud of controversy and found a new home in Dallas. Combine that with the circus of last week’s alleged suicide attempt, and this event could be monumental. Oh yeah, there will be a football game too, and I like Philly to win and win big.

Chicago over Buffalo: The way the Bears are playing right now, how can you bet against them? The Bears dominated Seattle last Sunday night and shot themselves to the top of the list as far as NFC dominance. With a stellar defense and a very capable offense, the Bears look like the team to beat in the early going.

San Diego over Pittsburgh: OK, I didn’t learn my lesson. I know I took the Chargers last week and I know it burned me. But San Diego returns home after a bitter loss, and I think they’ll rebound. They play the Steelers, who don’t really have things clicking yet. Big Ben needs to regain his form from a year ago if Pittsburgh has any chance to get back to the Super Bowl.

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