Friday, October 20, 2006

John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog Oct. 20, 2006

Let’s talk some tech!

Internet Addicts
I could see this becoming a bigger problem than it is now. Are you an Internet addict? Heck, if you’re reading my blog, you just may be. Ha! There is so much information on the Web and not enough time to surf it all. Video Professor has been teaching folks for years how to use the Internet. Maybe we should slow down a bit? I’m joking. It’s a great tool to help us in life. But like anything else in life, moderation is the key.
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An iPod is born
There are quite a few stories on the Web trying to dissect the true origin of the iPod. Well, according to Wired, here is how the iPod came to be. Regardless of how it started, it has certainly revolutionized the music industry.
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The next big thing...
Speaking of Apple, according to analysts, they plan to roll out a new cell phone as early as next year. Could Apple possibly strike gold twice? I won’t put anything past Steve Jobs and his marketing gurus.
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Is the Vista near?
The beta 2 version has been out for a while and Microsoft is frantically fixing the bugs, but officials at the software giant say that Vista is still on schedule to ship on time. With that, Video Professor will be right behind the release with helpful tutorials breaking down the ins and outs of the new operating system.
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It’s about time
Microsoft made more news this week with its much-anticipated release of Internet Explorer 7. After many, many beta tests and many, many months of development, the browser is finally available. It has been five years since Microsoft last released a new browser, Internet Explorer 6, and some experts say that has led to a loss in market shares. Popular browsers, such as Mozilla’s Firefox, have slowly been nibbling at Microsoft’s customers. And speaking of Mozilla, the company released a new version of Firefox this week too.
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Off topic:
Immortalizing your fandom
I’m a big-time sports fan. I love to watch baseball, football, basketball and even hockey. I’m not sure, however, that I’m THIS big of a fan. A company called Eternal Image has cut a deal with Major League Baseball to sell urns and coffins so baseball fans can represent their team in the afterlife. In addition, they are trying to work similar deals with the NFL, NHL and even NASCAR.
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Traffic is going to get a lot worse
Wow, can you even grasp how big a number 300 million is? Seriously, what does that really mean? The US Census Bureau announced this week that the population in the United States has passed 300 million. I thought traffic was bad now.
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Picks o’ the week!
What a difference a week makes. I guess I was too confident and football karma went against me. After picking three correct two weeks ago, I was rewarded with a goose egg last week. Ouch! I was pretty confident with the games I picked last week, and I guess I can take solace in the fact that they were all close games. Seattle knocked off St. Louis on a last-second field goal, Carolina narrowly escaped Baltimore and the New York Giants pulled off the road upset. That’s how it goes from week to week in today’s NFL. There is so much parity in the league right now. That is evident by the fact that the Bears, who looked dominating in the first five weeks of the season, frankly got lucky against Arizona. In a game that Chicago should have won by 10 points, the Bears escaped with a 24-23 win. And, they didn’t even score an offensive touchdown. Weird things happen in this league. Well, going into Week 7, I’m 11-7 overall this year. Humbly, I give you my picks for this week.

Cincinnati over Carolina: Carolina has won four straight. Cincinnati appears to be reeling lately. This should be a pretty easy pick, right? That’s what makes the NFL great. I think Cincinnati will get back on track this week, especially at home. They have something to prove after last week’s embarrassing loss to winless Tampa.

Denver over Cleveland: I think this is a pretty easy game to pick. Denver is the better team and should win, despite their offensive woes of late. There is some great intrigue surrounding this game, however. Almost every week we see a situation that a player returns to play against his former employer. But in this game, the entire starting defensive line for Denver returns to Cleveland for the first time since they all played for the Browns. Do you think they’ll have a chip on their shoulders?

Arizona over Oakland: This is a dog of a game, but it’s certainly fun to talk about. Oakland is pathetic. There is nothing more to say. Arizona is in the same class. The second-half meltdown that Arizona suffered last week was legendary. How do they bounce back from that? In a normal situation, I’d say it’s impossible. But fortunately for the Cardinals, they get to play Oakland.

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