Friday, December 01, 2006

John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog Dec. 1, 2006

Tech talk!

It’s heeeerrrrreeee!
Well it’s about time. The much ballyhooed release of Microsoft Vista is finally here. The software giant launched the business version of the new operating system this week; the consumer version is not due out until late January 2007. There are quite a few things in this new operating system that people will need to learn. Video Professor will launch its tutorials for the operating system following the consumer release. The new operating system has some tremendous upgrades, including enhanced security. According to Microsoft, the operating system is the most secure product on the market. Check back on our web site,, for more information about Vista closer to the launch of our tutorials.
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The grass is greener, and real
Kids: Get outside and play. According to a recent study, parents think their kids are spending too much time online. I agree. There are so many great things people can discover on the Internet. Video Professor knows this, and that’s why one of our most popular software tutorials is “Learn the Internet.” But, kids need to discover the world around them. It’s so much better to play in real, green grass rather than run through a virtual garden.
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First down!
It’s amazing how sometimes things that seem fairly simple are actually very complex. I came across this article regarding how TV broadcasts show the first down marker at a football game. You know the yellow line that goes across your screen that shows where the offense needs to go? I had no idea it was this complicated.
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Off topic:

I wanted to extend belated congratulations to Patrick Roy for his recent induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame. I’ve been in Denver for quite some time, and I have to admit that Roy’s impact on the sports scene around these parts was almost as great as John Elway’s. Okay, before all you die-hard Broncos fans start e-mailing me, I fully know what Elway means to this city. What I’m saying is that the impact Roy made on Denver and the NHL is just as great. The Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver prior to the 1995-96 season, and, before their arrival, they were a good team that hadn’t reached the next level. Midway through the team’s first season in Denver the Avs traded for Roy, and he became the catalyst that propelled them to their first Stanley Cup—and Denver’s first major sports championship. Without Roy between the pipes, there is no way the Avs would have won the Stanley Cup that season, not to mention the second cup they won in 2000-01. Roy is one of those rare, transcendent athletes who shape the landscape of the sport in which they play. Similar to the impact Michael Jordan made on the NBA, Babe Ruth made on Major League Baseball and Joe Montana made on the NFL, Patrick Roy changed the way professional hockey is played. Congratulations, Patrick!

Picks o’ the week!
I’m starting to become a broken record. I finished 2-1 again last week. I just can’t seem to get over the hump and pick that perfect week. Overall this season I’m 21-15 heading into Week 13.

I will kick myself if I don’t make a few comments on the quarterback situation in Denver. Since April, when the Broncos selected Jay Cutler with the 11th overall pick, the media has been clamoring for him to become the starting quarterback. They wrote Jake Plummer off the minute the Commissioner announced the pick. Well, I have to agree. I jumped off “The Snake’s” bandwagon a long time ago, especially after his performance in last year’s AFC Championship game. The move to Cutler needed to be made. Granted, it needed to be made before the season started, but it’s better late than never. The Broncos offense has been stagnant in all but two games this season. A contingency of Jake backers have been saying that the defense hasn’t been playing up to par lately and that they were the cause of the back-to-back losses. The defense has only allowed more than 20 points on two occasions this season (Indianapolis and San Diego) and, in both cases, had the offense made a play or two, they could have won the game. Don’t blame the defense. The offense needs to be more consistent and more dynamic. I strongly believe that Cutler can easily be the spark the team needs as they fight for a playoff spot.

Denver over Seattle: Well, I guess it’s only fitting that after defending the move to swap Cutler for Plummer that I pick Denver. I really think that the Broncos can win at home. Cutler will struggle early on as he fights rookie jitters, but I fully expect him to regain his composure and lead the team to victory.

Dallas over New York: This should be a whale of a game. Despite the fact that the Giants have struggled of late, I think they play well on Sunday. This game is HUGE, and should pretty much decide who wins the NFC East. Dallas has been playing great and Tony Romo looks very, very good. I think Dallas will escape with a win. Oh, by the way, did you see the comments some of the Giants players have been making this week? That never bodes well the week leading up to the biggest game of the year.

Miami over Jacksonville: Look out for the Dolphins. Over the past four weeks, they’ve been one of the NFL’s toughest teams. Take away that horrendous start and the Dolphins would be in the postseason hunt right now. With a win Sunday, they could get to six with four games remaining. If they stay hot and win three of the last four, they’ll be right in the thick of it. An AFC team will realistically need 10 wins to get into the playoffs this year, but Miami could make it interesting.

Have a good week!

John W. Scherer
CEO and Founder