Friday, December 15, 2006

John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog Dec. 15, 2006

Tech talk rings, are you listening?

Revolutionary inventions
As we all shuffle around the malls and electronics web sites this time of year trying to find that perfect gift for all the gadget lovers we know, take a step back and remember a few gadgets that completely changed the world. Compared to the advances we’ve made in technology in just the past five years, these gadgets look so basic now. But at the time they were invented, they revolutionized the landscape of technology. Where would we be today if the telephone, television or personal computer would not have been invented? I know Video Professor wouldn’t be around without the latter.
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Is the laptop a dinosaur?
We all know it’s inevitable. Just look at the way technology has downsized in the past 20 years. When Video Professor first started teaching people how to use their computers back in 1987, the PC took up every inch of their desks. Over the years, computers have gotten smaller and more portable, and laptops currently outsell desktop computers. What’s next, though? This is an interesting article that sheds a little light on the future of the laptop.
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MySpace takes the lead
For the first time in its relatively short existence, the extremely popular social networking web site MySpace® topped Yahoo!® as the most visited site. According to recent research, MySpace generated 38.7 billion page views in the United States in November, compared to 38.1 billion on Yahoo!.
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A better backup
Are you tired of burning and re-burning countless numbers of CDs backing up your data? Check out Mozy, a system that allows people to back up all their data on remote servers. The company offers 2 GB of storage capacity for free, or customers can get unlimited space for only five dollars a month.
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Off Topic:
Rudolph the red-nosed hot dog
I guess for some getting into the Holiday spirit means digesting a little piece of its lore. A Chicago hot dog vendor is serving up reindeer hot dogs. According to the manufacturer, the hot dogs are made from a combination of Blitzen, beef and pork. Because reindeer is such a lean meat, the use of beef and pork fat is needed. If you’re interested in dining on Donder, it will not be cheap. The reindeer dog is going for a hefty eight bucks a link.
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Picks o’ the week!
I want a do over. Last week didn’t happen. I guess that is what happens when I try to predict the upsets. Two of them just didn’t happen last week. Rethinking my picks, I should never have put any stock in Tampa. I really thought St. Louis would play Chicago better, especially at home, but the Bears proved they are a good team. Finally, I have to give a ton of credit to New Orleans. The Saints completely owned the Cowboys and continue to prove each week that they are legitimate contenders. Let’s hope for my records’ sake that I get back into the win column this week. Heading into Week 15, I’m only two games over .500 at 22-20. Let’s hope for the best.

Dallas over Atlanta: I think Dallas recovers from that loss last week to beat the Falcons. Mike Vick is a darn fine athlete, but his feet cannot possibly win every game. He’s going to have to learn how to pass more consistently. It’s just not going to happen this week. Cowboys win.

New York over Philadelphia: With Dallas losing last week, the NFC East really tightened up. Since the Cowboys have another tough game this week at Atlanta, the winner of this game can pull even for the division lead. I predict the Giants get by the Eagles, despite Eagles QB Jeff Garcia playing well of late.

Indianapolis over Cincinnati: For the first time in weeks, the Monday night game should be a really good one. The Colts host the Bengals, and Indianapolis is coming off of a pummeling at the hands of Jacksonville last week. Peyton and company will rebound after that loss and cool off the streaking Bengals.

Have a great week!

John W. Scherer
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