Monday, March 03, 2008

E-commerce and infomercials remain a good marketing mix

The past couple of weeks have been a mix of both new and old for us here at Video Professor. The online publication just ran a feature article about me called, From Infomercial To E-Commerce, Video Professor Starts 3rd Decade of Business.  Then a few days later I was back in the studio taping an infomercial.

Both E-commerce and infomercials are very effective ways for companies, like Video Professor, to communicate their message directly to you, the customer. I enjoy the opportunity to look you in the eye, and share with you the enthusiasm I have for my proven teaching method, which shows you how to get the most out of your computer.

E-commerce is one way to tell you about the wide-range of Video Professor products via the Internet. It’s as simple as logging on to You can shop for a lesson and have the option of either learning online with the lessons streamed directly to your computer or ordering our traditional CD-ROM lessons. Either way, it takes just minutes.

The infomercial is something we here at Video Professor helped pioneer. It’s a 30-minute television program where we spend quality time with you, showcasing the wide-variety of our available lessons and of course, getting you to “Try my product.®” Video Professor infomercials air on dozens of channels and at various times of the day and night. We’re a 24/7 society.  You’d probably be surprised by the huge audiences watching at 2 p.m. and 2 a.m.!

While the concept of the infomercial hasn’t changed much, in that we simply tell you about the benefits of the many tutorials Video Professor offers. What has changed is the technology and how we produce our lessons.

Sets, for example, are virtual. We have a studio at our corporate office along with post-production facilities. From time to time we rent larger studios off-site. However, the backgrounds you see on TV really don’t exist. They’re added in electronically post-production by our video-production team. What remains real is the quality and affordability of our lessons. That will never change.

                                                  How it looks in the studio

What you see in 30 minutes actually takes several weeks to plan, a couple of days to shoot, then several more to edit. Our marketing, Quality Assurance, legal and of course video-production teams are all involved. They’re all very good at what they do and the results show not only on screen, but in the huge number of calls we get after one of our infomercials airs.

                                     The virtual set after post-production

As with any marketing effort, we want to reach as large an audience as possible. E-commerce is certainly an increasingly powerful tool. Although, the infomercial also remains an excellent way to show you how easy our lessons are, and how they make a difference in the way you learn computer programs, how to sell something on eBay® or even plan a vacation. In the coming months you’re going to have many more tutorial choices. Stay tuned for some wonderful learning opportunities.

Above all, I enjoy being able to talk to you directly about trying my product. All of us at Video Professor appreciate when you do just that.


John W. Scherer

CEO & Founder, Video Professor, Inc.

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