Friday, March 21, 2008

Titles for tight times

I don’t know about you but I log on to news web sites, or tune into newscasts with more than a little trepidation these days.

The economic news, if one is to believe what’s being reported, isn’t pleasant.

People are concerned about the economy. You don’t have to look further than the rhetoric of the presidential campaign for ‘08.

People are doing a couple of things aside from worrying; like looking for extra cash and thinking about cancelling luxuries, like vacations.

As the Video Professor® library of lessons grows, we continue to add to our popular computer lessons with titles to help you get the best value from your computer. Two lessons that are certainly a good fit for these uncertain times are Learn eBay® and Learn Online Travel.

Let’s talk about eBay®.  First, step away from your computer and take a look in your attic, basement or garage. What do you have lying around in boxes and on shelves? Some classic LP’s, sports cards, mint condition magazines or comic books, sports pins or even a little red wagon?

What’s taking up space in your garage or basement could be someone‘s collector’s item and even more important, a few extra dollars in your wallet.

The eBay web site is a great way to buy and sell things. Buying is really simple you’ve likely done it already, but there are ways to become an even better buyer. What about selling? There are quite a few businesses out there that will sell things on eBay on your behalf, for a hefty commission. Why pay others for what you can do yourself? I’ve even seen ads in the newspaper offering seminars to teach you about eBay. Of course you have to drive to the location and spend several hours trying to learn at the same time as everyone else in the classroom.

Our lesson teaches you everything about buying and selling on eBay, from the basics of creating a sales site to producing the best listings possible to make what you have for sale into a hot item. All it takes is a little know-how. Our eBay lesson will take you step-by-step through the process of becoming a seller or even a savvier buyer on your schedule and at your pace. You might even join the thousands who have businesses on eBay, either part-time or full-time. Most of these folks are just like you.

eBay is a great opportunity. Maybe our lesson can help you become a successful entrepreneur on one of the most popular auction web sites out there today.

As I mentioned earlier in the blog, vacations are pretty high on the expense-cutting list. I understand why: they cost money. But maybe not nearly as much money as you think. More than one study shows Americans simply work too hard and don’t take nearly as many vacations as many other countries.

So check out our Learn Online Travel lesson. There are tremendous travel deals on the Internet, all you have to know is where to look. Our Learn Online Travel tutorial shows you how to book the cheapest or most convenient flights and cruises, how to find great places to stay and to eat and how to plan vacations for families, students or seniors. Plus, you will learn how to stay safe and healthy when traveling.

Planning a vacation online can be the difference between “we can’t afford it” and “when do we leave?” I prefer the latter, don’t you?

I appreciate that you are being cash conscious these days. But maybe, just maybe these two lessons can put a few extra dollars in your wallet or give you a much-needed break from the world, if even for a few days.


John W. Scherer

(John is CEO & founder of Video Professor, Inc.)

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