Monday, April 13, 2009

Jay Cutler: Lessons learned and not learned.

Jay Cutler is now a Chicago Bear.

So, how does this pass the “So what?” test beyond wins and losses and the whole “football thing.”

The answer is pretty simple. Yes, football is a game. But it’s also big business.

Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen, is the guy who signs the checks. It’s an easy system. You always listen to the guy who signs the checks.

New coach, Josh McDaniels, does. When Pat Bowlen calls him, McDaniels answers. In return, he gets a paycheck. Bowlen is also smart enough to listen to his coach.

Mr. Bowlen made several calls to Jay Cutler. Cutler ignored them. If Cutler had returned the calls, Bowlen would have listened to him as well.

It’s called communication. But it takes two to communicate.

You can’t run an organization when the employee ignores the employer. When discipline breaks down, the organization fails. Always.

Pat Bowlen is the successful owner of one of football’s most respected franchises. Jay Cutler remains petulant to the point that he felt he didn’t need to respect the organization that paid him a multi-million dollar salary, and despite a 17-20 record as a starter, was still willing to believe in him.

The boss called. The employee didn’t answer.

Pat Bowlen needed to make a point. He did. Good for him.

John W. Scherer
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