Friday, June 17, 2005

JWS Blog - June 17, 2005

Your New Password is... your fingerprint.
Several biometric technology companies are ready to place fingerprint sensors onto mobile phones, laptops and PCs. As more and more personal computers with critical data are being stolen the need to secure data increases.

It’s frightening that thieves can get into your computer and empty it based on just a few numbers. Using fingerprints will deter theft and help combat identity theft as well. Learn more about how you can protect yourself from Identity Theft with Video Professor’s Personal Identity Theft Security Pack.

It Must be True Love
The latest gossip coming from Katie Holmes’ romance with Tom Cruise is that she is considering conversion to Cruises’ religion, Scientology. Raised a Catholic, she seems very enthusiastic about the religion invented by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard in 1954.
Other Hollywood Scientologists include: John Travolta, Jason Lee, Kirstie Alley, Giovanni Ribisi, Juliette Lewis, and Lisa Marie Presley.

Virtual Reality Pop Ups in the Real World
Grafedia is a worldwide form of multimedia graffiti that passersby can interact with using a cell phone. By transforming graffiti tags into hyperlinked tags, Grafedia can turn any surface into a potential web page, joining the physical world to the Internet.

Grafedia is recognized by a word written on any surface is underlined in blue. When you identify a grafedia tag, send an email message to that "" and you’ll receive whatever image, video or sound file has been attached to it. Grafedia is supported by T-Mobile, Verizon and Cingular phones that are capable of photo messaging.

Anyone can become a "Grafedia artist" by sending a "tag word" and uploading a media file to For example, I created a Grafedia tag for the word "jwsblogspot". Send an email to "" to see what you get.

Astronaut Testifies to Congress via Satellite from Space.
Being “off planet” is no longer an excetped excuse when you’re subpoenaed to testify before a congressional subcommittee.

NASA astronaut John Phillips a flight engineer and NASA officer aboard the International Space Station, presented the first ever congressional testimony from space. Phillips stood with his feet under a railing to keep grounded while testifying before the House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee via satellite. He spoke of life in space and safety issues surrounding the day-to-day operations aboard the space station.

California Condor Making a Comeback
California Condors are among the largest birds in North America with a wingspan up to 9 ½ feet. In 1982, there were fewer than 25 condors left in the wild and the birds were placed on the endangered species list. With the help of a breeding program their numbers have increased to over 200. I recently heard that there was a flock of 53 in the Grand Canyon National Park. What a sight it must be to see them soaring over the canyon!

Think Our Gas Prices are Too High, Big Brother?
The UK transport secretary is attempting to legislate the world's most extensive road tax to avert a "complete gridlock" on Britain's highways. Under the proposal, Britain’s motorists will have to pay a fee for each mile they drive.

Vehicles will be monitored by satellite, with variable rates levied according to the time, type of road and location. Motorists will receive regular bills, charged at variable rates: a Sunday drive down a country road may only cost 2p($ .46) a mile, while a rush-hour commute could be charged up to £1.30 ($2.34) a mile!

Microsoft Helps to Censor Chinese Blogs
Microsoft's MSN China portal that offers free blog space was launched last month and 5 million Chinese blogs have been created in just a few weeks. MSN is creating filters to

Even though China encourages Internet use, it tries to ban subversive material. Chinese bloggers were not allowed to post such as "democracy," "human rights" and "Taiwan independence". An attempt to search for such words will generate a message saying the language is prohibited. MSN is creating filters to block forbidden language. Chinese bloggers face strict controls and must register their blogs with Chinese authorities or face stiff fines.
Yahoo and Google have also been criticized for similar activities that restrict what people can search for and read online.

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In case you missed hearing this on NPR radio last week, visit to hear how animal sounds translate around the globe.

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