Friday, June 03, 2005

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Amnesty International’s weird spin on the world
Amnesty International, as about as anti-American an organization outside of Al Qaeda, is concerned about the treatment of prisoners at Gitmo. They call it a Gulag. Apparently we are being mean to some of the terrorists rounded up after 9-11. Yet, when terrorists torture and behead innocent people for broadcast on Al Jazeera, not a peep from them. Once again, we didn’t start this. We’re just trying to finish it. So with no proof, Amnesty International complains about us. With proof, they don’t complain against the terrorists. Amnesty is Am-nutty. And if they want to see a real Gulag, just look over the fence at Castro’s Cuba!

Deep Throat revealed
In a town where secrets are hard to keep, the identity of “Deep Throat,” the famous source of Washington Post Reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein coverage of the Watergate scandal has been revealed after 30 years. And by Deep Throat himself. 91-year-old W. Mark Felt says it was he who told the reporters to “follow the money.” Felt was #2 at the FBI at the time. Woodstein (as they were called back in the day) along with the Washington Post confirmed that indeed, one of the great political mysteries of our time has finally been revealed.

What is about “NO” you don’t understand?
The people of France and Holland have just said NO to the European Union Constitution. Much to the chagrin of their governments, these folks want to (and justifiably) maintain their national identities. Politically, French President Jacques Chirac was left with the most political egg on his face. Too bad Jacques, but you have to break a few eggs when making a political omelette! C’est la vie politque!,9061,1497870,00.html

Paris loves Paris in the springtime (But will it last ‘til fall?)
Paris Hilton, who has made a career out of going to parties and making some rather disreputable movies, is marrying another Paris. Paris Latsis, heir to a Greek Shipping Fortune and who’s overall contribution to the greater good is equal to that of his fiancĂ©. At least they shouldn’t have a problem remembering each other’s names.;_ylt=AvRVC_.ScpG.oYH4oW0ZMvys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA2OXY1b2VrBHNlYwNlbg--

Danica is just dandy!
Young Danica Patrick set racing on its ear last weekend finishing 4th in the Indianapolis 500. It’s the highest finish for a woman driver at the historic event and she was also the first woman to ever lead a lap at the fabled speedway. How much coverage is Danica getting? Well, anyone remember who actually won the race?

What’s up with Dale Jr?
While Danica was having a dandy day, it was just the opposite for NASCAR’S Dale Earnhardt Jr. During the Coca-Cola 600 he spun out teammate Michael Waltrip, wrecking both cars. Earnhardt is now 15th in the points standings and in real danger of not making the chase for the Nextel Cup Championship.

Summer Outlook
Ok, a new section here on the blog. With TV in summer re-runs, there’s no excuse to spend some extra time honing important skills. If you work in an office, (or would like to work in an office) you likely use Microsoft Outlook. And we hear from a lot of folks who maybe use 10% of what this powerful tool can do to make you more productive. We offer several versions and you can check them out at, and

Mail Call
“Bragg Hill Family Life Center would like to thank you for your generous donation. We appreciate your effort to support our TEACH (Technology Education and Career Help) program. We know that your contribution is going to be a great asset in training our students. I am excited about using the Video Professor tools in our classroom. It will be a powerful tool for our instructors that will help us to reach our goals and enhance the lives of our students. We look forward to a continued and successful partnership to help us educate our community and further our efforts to build people.”

Yours in Service,
Rev. Joseph D. Henderson, Sr. and Mr. Dwayne Burt.

And thank you Rev Henderson and your team at TEACH for the opportunity to assist you in your computer literacy efforts! You’re making a difference in your community and we’re glad to help out!

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Why not? Everything you wanted to know about Danica Patrick.

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