Friday, June 24, 2005

Summer Time, and the blogging is easy.

By the time you’ve read this
I’ll be making my Navy Leaders at Sea trip to the Guided Missile Cruiser USS Lake Champlain, Thursday June 23. How does one get to the ship? Check out my ride!
I’ll have links to pictures of my trip posted next week!

Time to tone down it down.
Most of the news out of Washington is about the Democrats demanding apologies from the Republicans and vice-versa. Here’s a suggestion to both sides. All of you please gather at noon on the Capitol Steps at noon on July 4th and apologize to the people who pay your salaries. Many of you have employment reviews next year, there’s still time to save your jobs.

Supremes singing looney tunes
Recent rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court have me scratching my head. A few weeks ago they shot down a state’s right to issue medical marijuana to people like cancer patients, for whom often times, this is their only relief. And just this week they ruled that towns and communities have the right to boot you out of your own home if they think a new condo or shopping center is better use for YOUR property. The Supremes are about to take their summer break, and not a moment too soon. Suddenly “Sweet Land of Liberty” is sounding a little sour.

Red, White and Blue Rules
The house just passed their version of a Constitutional Amendment that bans burning the American Flag. Next stop for the Bill is the U.S. Senate, then perhaps on to the states for ratification. I won’t enter the debate…. yet. But we thought it might be a good time to provide this link outlining the proper display and use of the Stars and Stripes.

Yahoo update
Congressional yahoos that is. Remember the Steroid “hearings” aka political grand standing? Just to update you on what’s happened since then; nothing, nada, zip. The political line score is no runs, no hits and plenty of errors. By the way, you’ll find most of the same politicos at the ballpark watching the Washington Nationals. The prime seats they’re sitting in are mostly paid for by lobbyists etc. The folks who pay their salaries are usually relegated to the cheap seats.

Runaway Bride now running to the bank!
Runaway Bride Jennifer Wilbanks has signed a movie/book deal that will net her a reported half a million bucks. To no one’s surprise, not everyone is happy about the deal. Check out

Across the alley from the Alamo
The San Antonio Spurs spurned the Detroit Pistons in seven games to win their 3rd NBA Championship in seven years. And guess who is already the favorite to win it all again next year? Yep, the Spurs. Of course, that’s what they said this year about the Pistons!

No Slam for you!
Golf, like no other sport, has a way of humbling you. No one knows this better than Annika Sorenstam. All eyes were on Annika this weekend at the U.S. Women’s Open here in Denver but Annika had a rough time with the, uh, rough at Cherry Hills. Birdie Kim had a few well timed, uh, birdies, to win the tourney finishing at three-over.

F1 flunks out
Formula 1 Drivers insulted fans, disgraced themselves and the sport of auto racing last weekend at Indy. Out of 20 drivers on the grid, 14 dropped out before the green flag claiming everything from a bad track to dangerous tires. Only six raced and fans were understandably upset. No worries for American race fans, because both NASCAR and the IRL will be back at Indy to show fans what real racing is all about.

Learn more about NASCAR at
Learn more about the IRL at

The Hall of Fame is waiting, and waiting and waiting
Pro sports have a growing number of 40-somethings playing these days. Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson and Jerry Rice just to name a few. Even Ricky Henderson is playing somewhere at the grand old age of 46! All have guaranteed spots in their respective Halls of Fame, but right now are content to stay on the field and contribute. And these players not only bring incredible talent, but maturity and leadership. As for our Colorado Rockies, they’re a team of 20-somethings, much like the number of games they’ve won this season!

Future of phones is fantastic
Cell phones are fantastic tools all by themselves. But check out these two articles and you’ll see why the best is definitely yet to come!,1412,67863,00.html,aid,121417,00.asp

Memo to FAA
Above articles aside, please, please, please, don’t allow cell phone use on commercial planes unless it’s for an absolute emergency!

ICDL. Don’t apply for a job without it
How about an International Computer Driver’s License? Show a prospective employer you really DO KNOW your way around an office computer suite!

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