Friday, July 08, 2005

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a blog.

Rule Britannia
Just a day after celebrating winning the 2012 Olympic Games, the people of London joined the front lines in the war against terror. The British are rough and resilient and in the words of Winston Churchill “will never surrender.” We can take comfort in knowing the enormous quality, courage and professionalism of the men and women of our armed forces charged with taking the war on terror to the enemy. Last week in the blog we talked about my day aboard the Guided Missile Cruise USS Lake Champlain. Here’s more on my trip!

Kettle and the Pot Part Deux
The American Media has made a point of showcasing alleged shortcomings of the justice system down in Aruba. The case of Natalee Holloway continues to be a mystery. But fair is fair. Perhaps the Aruban Media should come up here and look into why our “justice system” continues to allow child molesters with extensive criminal histories to roam free, seemingly at will, around the country.

More stupid justice tricks
The folks at Budweiser caught some employees smoking pot (and doing other things) on the job. As they get PAID to bottle Bud, they were disciplined. End of story? Wrong!

Lance in France Part Sept
American cyclist Lance Armstrong continues his quest for a 7th win of the Le Tour de France. No racer has won more victories and Armstrong is racing in his final Tour. Bon chance Lance!

Return to Space
The Space Shuttle Discovery is set to return to space July 13th. It’s been over two years since a shuttle has flown. Of note is that un-manned probes are enjoying huge successes. The Mars Rovers just keep on roving well beyond expectations although except for Saturday Nights, life on Mars is pretty dull. Cassini continues to send back awesome data and pictures from Saturn and Deep Impact has given us the first, true, “up close and personal” look at the innards of a comet. (Turns out they’re giant snowballs) I think the universe really isn’t all that complicated, just very big. Check it all out at

Pac-Man at 25
How’s this for a computer game? First you have a yellow blob with a mouth. It roams around the screen swallowing little pills. At the same time the little yellow blob with the mouth is chased by four ghosts named Clyde, Inkey, Pinky and of course, Blinky. It’s worked for 25 years as Pac-Man celebrates its Silver Anniversary!

Beware of “Spear-Phishers”
We’ve talked about Phishing here before. In most cases, Phishing e-mails are easy to spot and defend against. Now there’s something new. It’s called “Spear Phishing” and it presents a whole new set of challenges. These e-mails are only sent to small groups, and mimic your company’s own e-mail addresses claiming to be from your HR or IT departments for example. Spear Phishers get e-mail addresses from your websites etc. So be very, very careful.,2106,3274129a28,00.html

Identity Theft of any kind is a priority for the entire team here at Video Professor. You can stay “in the know” by visiting our special site as often as possible.

On-line shopping safe… if you take a few precautions
One of the true benefits of the Internet is on-line shopping. No crowds, no parking hassles and everything is delivered to your front door. But like everything else, and we quote President Reagan in saying it, “trust but verify.”

A new and improved Internet?
One of the fathers of the Internet is working on a new one!,1377,68004,00.html?tw=wn_18techhead

Work in an office? Would you like to?
The KEY office skill is Microsoft Office. It’s a powerful and extremely useful suite of office tools and if you feel the need to succeed, a must-have skill. Our Office Tutorial will help you. During these lazy, hazy days of summer, take a few minutes each day to make sure your computer skills are the best they can be.

Remember the kids who sat next to you in wood working class? Their stuff always turned out better than yours. Wonder what happened to them?

Site o’ the week-EXTREME Shredders
Ok, I was looking for shredders. You know, something to shred documents you don’t want crooks to find. During my search I found this company; and if your shredding needs go to the extreme, these folks might be able to help you out! Tim the Tool Man would approve!

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