Friday, July 29, 2005

Le Tour de Blog

Vive le Lance!
Ok, let’s skip all the hyperbole about Lance Armstrong being the best this or that. Let’s just recognize the fact that he won an unprecedented 7 wins in Le Tour de France, beat cancer and has handled himself through it all with class and dignity earning respect from people around the world. He took on a career challenge and won it and then some. Life presented him with a challenge no one would ever want to face and he beat that too. And Lance showed class by going out on top. Unlike too many great athletes who too long tried to hang on, then slowly fade away; Lance will be forever young and forever at the top of his game.

Regrets? Yes. Apologies? No!
It turns out the man British authorities shot and killed last week was not connected to the bombing attacks in London. But after two bomb attacks in two weeks, this man was told to stop, instead ran and didn’t stop when ordered to. Plus he was wearing a heavy coat in summer. Authorities had no choice. Who really is responsible? The terrorists themselves. The dead man is a victim of the terrorists, not the authorities.

Smile, you’re caught on camera
British Authorities are doing a marvelous job of rounding up, or at least identifying suspects in the two bombing attacks. One reason is the thousands of security cameras they use. The bad guys are caught literally in the act and the pictures posted on the Internet, Television and Newspapers. One irony is that many of the suspects live on welfare. In other words, their food, shelter and bomb-making money was paid for by the people they’re trying to kill.

Space Shuttle-Success and setbacks.
The Space Shuttle Discovery returned to orbit July 26, carrying 7 Astronauts and America itself, back into space. I hope you had a chance to see the incredible shots from the camera mounted on the external fuel tank, looking back at the earth as the shuttle headed to orbit. Absolutely spectacular. Currently the shuttle is docked to the International Space Station. When, as we pray, the shuttle returns safely to earth, the fleet is once again grounded. A big chunk of installation on the main fuel tank broke off during the launch. IF the shuttle ever flies again, it will be a long time. Follow the current mission at

Labor Pains
The equivalent of a Tsunami, F-5 Hurricane and 7.5 Earthquake hit the labor movement this week as the two largest unions in the country bid adieu to the AFL-CIO. The main complaint? The AFL-CIO spends too much on politicians, and not enough to help its own members.
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Microsoft has announced the name of its new software suite, up until now code-named Longhorn. The official name is Vista. (Sorry Texas fans!)
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When it comes out, we’ll have a tutorial about it! While you’re waiting its release, upgrade your existing skills with a visit to

Space view a click away
Microsoft has also launched a Beta version of its new virtual earth mapping service. Test it out!

And it appears the folks in Redmond are using the new service to wipe out (literally) their competition!
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NASCAR’s biggest stars outside looking in?
It’s a real possibility that NASCAR’s two biggest stars might not make the Chase for the Nextel Cup. To qualify, drivers must be in the top 10 in points or within 400 points of first for the final ten races. Right now 4-time champ Jeff Gordon is in 15th/541 points out. Dale Earnhardt Jr is in 14th/537 points back. They have just 6 races to go to qualify.

Back to school time
Is it just me or does school seem to start earlier and earlier each year? I do see in the stores that the back-to- school sales are underway. And I just bet you think your kids are wizards on the computer. But take a minute and ask them about what they really know. E-mail or Internet skills? Very likely. But how about advanced word-processing, photo editing, graphics and using spreadsheets? It will do you good to check out some VIDEO PROFESSOR tutorial lessons that might be good additions to the back to school backpack.

Kids and the Internet-Safety first
9 out of 10 kids have access to the Internet. And there’s plenty of good stuff on it for kids of all ages. And plenty of bad stuff as well.
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Making your computer an effective and SAFE tool for your whole family is important to all of us here at VIDEO PROFESSOR. I want to remind you about our special site dealing with computer security. It’s full of good and FREE information, plus the latest articles available to keep you and your family safe.

A back to school helping hand
For too many families, back to school shopping is just a dream. The money just isn’t there for badly needed school supplies. Thankfully there are people in your community doing something about it. Maybe even at your own place of business like we do here at VIDEO PROFESSOR. So pick up a few extra pencils, or notebooks or whatever you can afford, and donate them to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford them. You’ll feel especially good when you do.

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