Friday, August 05, 2005

The Dog Blogs of Summer

Stem Cell Debate-Facts Needed
The debate over Stem Cell Research is once again under the spotlight as Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist broke ranks with President Bush, calling for federal money for research funding. The coverage since then has been all political, but little if any about the research itself, what it does along with the medical and ethical issues. It's incredibly complex, but we hope the media works harder to explain it to all of us living here along Main Street USA.

Ambassador John Bolton
Like it or not, he's our new guy at the United Nations. The politicians dillied and dallied, so the President acted and exercised his Constitutional Right to appoint Bolton. The U-N claims to be focused on reform. Maybe Ambassador Bolton can help. With the Oil for Food Scandal, nations with the worst human rights records in the world serving on the Human Rights Commission and a brewing scandal about re-modeling U-N Headquarters, (which we'll end up mostly paying for) things certainly can't get any worse.

"A good day in space"
Those were the words of Astronaut Steve Robinson after an un-planned, and never done before spacewalk to the bottom of the Space Shuttle to remove some filler material from between insulation tiles. Just another day at the office! Follow the mission at

Rafael Palmeiro: Steroids Timeline
March 17, 2005: "I have never used steroids. Period,"-Excerpt from testimony by Baltimore Orioles player Rafael Palmeiro, given under oath, before the United States Congress.

August 1, 2005: Rafael Palmeiro suspended for ten games by Major League Baseball for using steroids.

Here's some interesting Q&A on the subject from Tom Verducci of CNNsi.
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What's next for Rafael? Possible perjury charges from Congress.

Laptops-don't leave home without one
Here's a terrific article from the Chicago Tribune about the increasing numbers of colleges requiring students to have laptops. I was especially interested in the every last line, about the importance of students being able to actually use them properly.
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I get the opportunity to talk with people all over the country when I'm traveling or shooting infomercials. My constant surprise is hearing from so many people, including students that they discovered there is way more to computing that just sending e-mails or the Internet. And that's why we offer so many different tutorials on the ever-increasing amounts of software programs installed on those laptops the schools want you to have with you!

The Internet: New Crystal Ball?
When they write the definitive history of mankind, it's likely the Internet will rank right up there with the invention of the wheel. The Internet is the equivalent of the industrial revolution, that's how much it's changed the way we think, shop, communicate and live our lives.
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Navigating the net is awesome, but for many it remains unexplored territory. Plus there are tips and tricks even seasoned pros might not know! Our Internet tutorial remains extremely popular for just that reason.

Prime (Rib) Time Gambling
In case you've ever been bored waiting in line at a casino buffet, here's a new way to keep your mind occupied and lose money faster than ever! Yep! Wireless gambling is coming soon to a casino near you.
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Santa Maria Foundation
Good corporate citizenship is important to us at VIDEO PROFESSOR. We support non-profit organizations of all sizes that offer computer training as part of their programs. One such group is the Santa Maria Foundation. They were kind enough to send us this picture of one of their students working with our Windows lessons! It made our day!

(Photo courtesy: Santa Maria Foundation)

Site o' the week
I have no other comment about this one other than GOOD LUCK!
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