Friday, August 12, 2005

Daylight Savings Blog Time

Peter Jennings 1938-2005
Long-time ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings died this week of lung cancer. He told viewers four months ago about his condition, speaking in a raspy voice brought on by the disease. He had a long and distinguished career. A long-time cigarette smoker, Jennings had quit, but picked up the habit again after the 9-11 attacks. This is a good opportunity to encourage friends who smoke, to quit. And to kids who think smoking is somehow “cool,” to never start. Dana Reeve, who inspired us all with her courage and support of her late husband Christopher Reeve, announced she has Lung Cancer. In this case, she never smoked at all. The American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society have excellent resources on their websites to help us all learn more about the disease.

Welcome Home Discovery and Crew
Millions breathed a collective sign of relief as the Discovery Space Shuttle landed safely on Tuesday. Waived off a landing at Cape Kennedy due to weather, the shuttle appropriately landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, still home to the folks who have the “Right Stuff.” The 14-day mission was stunner and a nail-biter. For NASA, the big question is “what’s next?” Because of foam breaking off the main tank during the ascent two weeks ago, the shuttle fleet is again grounded. And what is the follow-up to the shuttle program that is already scheduled for retirement in 2010? But for now, it’s mission accomplished to a very brave crew. NASA’s website has some spectacular pictures of the mission. And the hi-res pics make excellent screen shots for your computer.

President signs new Highway Pork, uh, Bill.
What’s in the new highway bill signed this week? And what part of the 286 BILLION does your state get? (Some call it pork)
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The winner of the “Doesn’t Have a Clue” award is…
…National Hockey League boss Gary Bettman. Just off the season that wasn’t, the league is allowing Todd Bertuzzi back to play. Bertuzzi as you’ll recall, is the player that blind-sided Colorado Avalanche player Steve Moore, slamming his head into the ice and breaking his neck. The NHL says Bertuzzi deserves a “second chance.” Moore may never get a second chance to play because of his injury. But wait…. there’s more! Rocky Mountain News Sports Columnist Dave Krieger weighs in.
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And the runner-up is….
…Major League Baseball. Apparently it’s ok for players to rough up folks like they do in hockey, get a slap on the wrist and then go right back on the field. No harm, no foul? Hardly.

Let’s talk about computing! Scamville, Nigeria
Scamming un-suspecting Americans is a cottage industry in a little town in Nigeria. As hard as it is to believe, people actually believe it when they get an e-mail telling them they’ve won a lottery, or selected to receive millions of dollars from an estate from someone they never knew or met. The real dose of reality hits when they look at an empty bank account instead.
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For the latest news you can use about such scams, viruses and attacks on your computer visit this special section on our website.

Spamville, CO
A notorious spammer cuts a deal, and promises to behave in the future. I hope it’s true but will believe it when the check clears.
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21st Century Mischief
Leave it up to kids to find new ways, and technology, to get into hot water in school. Read more about the Kutztown 13!

Is it real or is it DreamWorks?
It wasn’t all that long ago that animated features were painstakingly hand-drawn, frame-by- frame by the great animators at studios like Disney and Warner Bros. The creativity remains, but now computer technology is taking the art form to a whole new level. And it’s only going to get better.
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Microsoft announces new security patches
90% of computers users use Windows-based systems. Windows is incredibly popular, a fact not gone un-noticed by hackers and other thieves. Microsoft just announced several new patches to keep you and your system safe.
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Will extra sunlight mean tech woes?
Now for the tech impact of the highway bill. With it comes a change in Daylight Savings Time starting in 2007. Legislating some additional evening daylight was easy, but the impact may be entirely different. Seems a few of our gadgets could have some issues!
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Site o’ the week
Here’s a fun way to learn a little bit about geography in a high-tech way!

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