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John W. Scherer VIDEO PROFESSOR Blog for August 19, 2005

Let’s talk computing!
I certainly enjoy putting out my weekly blog. Like most bloggers, it’s a true learning experience as I experiment and communicate.

One thing I’ve discovered is the enormous number of articles on all things related to computing and technology. So I’m going to shift gears here a little bit, and share just a small sample of the informative articles out there on the web! Computing and technology are incredibly interesting and each week I’ll try and pick out some of the best ones for you to check out yourself.


Vigilance paying off
You may have already read about the latest worm infecting computers this week. The good news is the infection rate is very low, especially when compared to past worms and viruses. Why? People are paying more attention and keeping their computers updated with the latest safeguards. That very good news.
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We maintain a special section on our website here at VIDEO PROFESSOR with current news about keeping you, your identity and computer safe. It’s free to anyone.

Don’t beat us. Join us!
Hackers are the bane of all us computer users, law enforcement agencies and the government. But some government agencies are finding out that an enemy can become an ally.
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High Speed Internet Access growing at HIGH SPEED!
More and more companies are competing with each other to provide affordable high speed Internet access. Consumers are the big winners as more choices are available and prices keep going down. We’ve noticed that trend with the number of people switching to our VIDEO PROFESSOR ONLINE learning. If you have high speed Internet access, you can stream our complete library directly to your computer for a very economical monthly fee. Over 35 titles are just a click away. No CD’s, just the best in computer learning right to your computer. And just like all our products, you can try it out free for 14 days with no obligation.

VIDEO PROFESSOR ONLINE is the future of computer learning, it’s a service we are now marketing to agencies of the Federal Government under our General Services Administration contract.

And we’ll have an exciting announcement involving VIDEO PROFESSOR ONLINE and a major school district for you shortly.

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A tip o’ the hat to AOL
The good folks at AOL won a major lawsuit against a world-class spammer. So what is AOL going to do with the loot it won in the suit? Give it to customers in what they’re calling the AOL Spammer's Gold Sweepstakes. Prizes include bars of gold and even a Hummer. (You might need to sell one of those gold bars just to fill the Hummer’s gas tank!)
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AOL customers can enter by logging on to

Wheel of Fortune
You iPod owners are very familiar with that snazzy little wheel on the front of the unit. All you need is a thumb to enjoy all those tunes. Definitely something a company wants to patent! But in this case, you’ll be surprised who did!
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Good deal brings out the worst in people
I first heard about this story this morning. Seems a school district decided to sell some used laptops to local folks for just fifty bucks each. A heck of a deal. But it quickly turned into one heck of a mess! Next time they should try eBay!
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ICE: A life-saver in an emergency
This has to be the winner of our “best idea” award. As just about all of us have cell phones, emergency response pros recommend you have a special listing on your cell phone called ICE. It stands for “In case of emergency.” The phone number should be someone you trust to speak for you in case you’re in an accident or incapacitated.
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Off-topic: Why so little “we” and so much “me?”
Finally, Terrell Owens is one fine football player. Just ask him. He’s in a squabble with the Philadelphia Eagles. He signed a contract for a lot of money, so did the team and now they expect him to live up to his word. Terrell thinks otherwise. He wants more. Some say the Eagles’ need Owens and should cough up the extra cash. But to their credit, management is saying we have a deal, and if your word doesn’t mean the paper it’s written on, then stay home and watch. Good for them. Great teams have had great stars over the years, but for some sad reason, it’s becoming more and more about “me” instead of the team. I have no issue with anyone trying to make as much as they can in life, especially in a sport where the average career last around four years. But a deal is a deal, and if Terrell (and his agent) were smart enough to realize it, having a season that exceeds expectations brings in that much more money in commercial revenue. There is still plenty enough room for ‘we” in sports, life and anywhere else. Bill Williamson of has some insightful commentary.
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Site o’ the week
If you’ve noticed the shipping department where you work is low on FedEx boxes, this might be the reason why. But not a bad solution when your apartment has to be absolutely, positively, furnished overnight!

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