Friday, July 22, 2005

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And the nominee is
President Bush has chosen John G. Roberts Jr as his nominee to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the United States Supreme Court. Roberts serves on the DC Court of Appeals, getting a Unanimous Consent Vote from the same United States Senate that now has to confirm him for the Supreme Court.

Roberts is a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of Harvard Law School, as an attorney argued 39 cases before the Supreme Court, he clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist and again, the Senate gave a unanimous thumbs-up for his spot on the very high profile DC bench.

The Constitution gives the power to the President to make that decision with the Senate in an “advise and consent” role. We urge both Republicans and Democrats to avoid the ugly confrontations of recent nominees including Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. With approval ratings of the Congress at just 28%, we just may see an actual civil discourse.

But the problem will come from special interest groups. Their special interests will purely be their own, and that’s mainly fund-raising. The bigger the stink they raise, the easier it is to rake in the cash. And that’s a hole in the system that desperately needs to be fixed. We also urge the media to keep the focus on the nominee, his skills or lack thereof and to not provide a platform for every Tom, Dick and Mary who wants to be on TV.

Golf’s past, present and future in one weekend
An interesting weekend indeed as Jack birdies 18 at St. Andrews and says goodbye to a game he helped shape perhaps like no other. At the same time Tiger Woods stakes his claim to the throne, winning and dominating at St Andrews, firing birdies like fish in a barrel winning his 10th Major. And oh yeah, Michelle Wie is going pro.

It’s all downhill from here
Lance Armstrong is expected to win (handily) his seventh and final Tour de France on Sunday, July 24. Hope you’ve had a chance to watch at least part of the coverage on OLN. Just like Tiger, there’s Lance and then there’s “not exactly.” Vive le Lance!

Hank Jr. is warming up
NFL camps are set to open. That means office pool sheets are being drawn, fantasy teams put together and more wear and tear on the carpet around the office cooler. Here are the training camp schedule and locations. Football fanatics who haven’t purchased an HDTV might want to start shopping. Once you’ve watched football in HD, there is no turning back!
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Flip Flop Flap
Some members of the Northwestern University Women’s Championship Lacrosse team visited President Bush at the White House and created a fashion stir. Several members of the team wore flip-flops to the meeting with a President who has a strict suit and tie dress code. In a town where political flip-flops are nothing new, these flip-flops caused quite a flap! Oh yeah, a pair is for sale on Ebay!
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Will that be left or right tonight?
Sony (Yes, the one and only) has come up with a solution when two people want to watch different shows on the same screen.
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Of course, now the argument will be who watches what show on what side of the screen. But it’s a start.
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Not a company to rest on its laurels, Apple has a new “vision” for its wildly popular iPod.
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Can convenience and security co-exist?
Google continues to be the go-to place to search and Wall Street continues to be ga-ga over Google. But at what risk to your personal security? Some folks worry about your privacy. But should you?
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We have a security resource center on our own website. It’s updated regularly with the latest information on protecting your personal security and it’s free!
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Gates says IT gap widening
Microsoft’s Bill Gates has a problem. He’s having a harder and harder time finding qualified computer scientist engineers here in the United States. At the same time, he’s finding more and more qualified candidates in other countries. Could outsourcing be the culprit?
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Tech Talk (and the news is good)
Companies like IBM and Intel are reporting good financial results, proof that companies are spending on computers, the companies that make them are buying chips to run them and you can bet companies like Microsoft are developing the next generation of productivity software to run on them. Maybe it’s time for you to make sure you know everything there is to know about the current generation of productivity software! E-mail and Internet skills aren’t enough to cut it these days. It’s all about Excel, Office, PowerPoint and much more. Computing skills make a great future shock, shock absorber. Check out an incredible variety of computer self-tutorials on our website.

Keyword is keyboard
Computers are constantly being innovated and improved. More razzle-dazzle per click. And that innovation includes computer keyboards. Check this out!
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Two to beam up
We note the passing of actor James Doohan, certainly best known as engineer Montgomery Scott from Star Trek. His family plans to send some of his ashes into space via Space Services Inc., a company that launches small amounts on a rocket, which Scotty certainly would have referred to as a “bucket o’ bolts.” (No Warp Drive) Best known as Scotty, least known as a hero of World War II, landing on Juno Beach on D-Day with his fellow Canadians and being wounded during the attack.

Also passing this week, Gerry Thomas, inventor of the TV Dinner. Thomas was a salesman for Swanson foods at the time who sold 10-million of them the first year at a buck a piece. Thomas got a bump in pay up to 300 bucks a month plus a thousand dollar bonus. Not bad money back in 1954. Little known fact: The idea wasn’t to eat them in front of the TV, but that the design was shaped like the screen of a TV.

Site o’ the week (And a possible answer to a question)
A recent study shows on average, that American workers waste two hours a day. I think I just found out why!

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