Monday, March 06, 2006

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You’ve got mail! And video. And a whole lot more.
America Online continues to roll out several new and exciting services. AOL looks to challenge competitors everywhere it can.
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In Google we trust?
As discussed here and elsewhere, search engine giant Google is fighting the government on turning over search records from users. The government claims it’s part of efforts to fight child pornography. Google counters it’s all about privacy for users. This one will go on for a long while.
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Meanwhile, back in Beijing.
More hassles for Google in China. China is a stickler for rules. And China gives new meaning to the term “stickler.”
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If at first you don’t fail, try try again.
How do you spell boondoggle? F.B.I.
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Turning the page on digital books.
I love books. There’s just something special about holding one in your hands and reading it. The feel of the page as you turn to the next one. So it goes without saying I’m not an “early adaptor” of digital books. But others are. And they seem to be enjoying it.
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And finally…
Dogs and doo-doo used to be a problem in San Francisco. Now they’re becoming a solution. Power from poop?
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Off topic

Debacle on ice.
There is no doubt the United States fielded the best individual hockey players in the business at this year’s Olympics. Too bad they couldn’t play as a team. They were eliminated from any shot at a medal on the 26th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. Team USA was foolish to have these guys meet each other 2 days before their first game.

That said, much has been written about NBC’s rating during this year’s Olympic Games. They’re down not only from Salt Lake, but Nagano before that. Actually NBC did pretty well when you factor in all their cable/satellite network affiliates. But with news on the games available from so many other outlets like the Internet and because so many events air hours after they actually happened, fewer people are tuning in. NBC does report that its Olympic web page got hundreds of millions of hits, a huge increase from Salt Lake just four years ago, and a hint of what’s to come in the future.

The next games are in Vancouver in 2010. The good news is that prime-time events will happen live here in the United States. But compare technology today with technology from just four years ago. I predict that fewer people than ever will watch television, but more of us than ever will watch via webcast and events sent to our cell phones. By 2010, you’ll just program your DVR, your computer, and your cell phone to deliver the news and events you want to see.

Curling on your cell phone! Cool!

Curt Gowdy, hail and farewell.
Sportscaster Curt Gowdy died this week at the age of 86. Legend is an overused word these days but an appropriate description of Gowdy. He came from an era when one or two announcers in the booth were enough. The emphasis was on covering the game instead of nonstop blather. Curt Gowdy let you hear and enjoy the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, or just the sound of water rippling along a trout stream. He helped invent sports broadcasting.

Quote o’ the week
A fellow should do all the sports he can."--Curt Gowdy

Site o’ the week
Here’s a page of fun little desktop games. None are for any of you on deadline!
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