Wednesday, March 22, 2006


St. Patrick’s Day Edition, so “Try my blarney.”

Let’s talk tech! And assorted and sundry other stuff …

Phishers target less savvy.
I’ve talked about “phishers” here before. They scam people by sending out phony e-mails. Thankfully, the bigger fish these phishers have gone after have become a lot smarter, using protection software and understanding how it works. So the phishers are now targeting the less savvy.
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That said …
Sometimes protection goes a little too far.
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Just ask (.com).
Remember the search engine “Ask Jeeves”? Well, Jeeves is history, but not the search engine. It’s now simply “” It does a pretty nifty job. You might want to check it out.

Don’t ask.
Government lawyers and Google lawyers were in court this week. The government wants Google to turn over search words used by Google users. Both sides in all this are taking “double standard” to a new level. Google already provides the same info to the Chinese government for customers there. As for our government, there’s the whole right-to-privacy constitutional deal. Sigh.
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Hurry up and wait.
Sony’s much anticipated PS3 has been postponed. Video gamers hoped to get their hands on one this spring. They’ll have to settle for fall. Just in time for Christmas. Maybe.
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Is there life on Mars? Check it out for yourself.
Google has never been hesitant to boldly go where no other, well you get the drift. Google’s map service now has some choices that are truly out of this world!
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Off topic.

$2.5 Billion:
Estimated total of bets on NCAA Basketball Tournament, both legal and illegal. Plus a few-hundred-thousand dollars in copy machine paper to print all the brackets for the office pools. And just think of all those trees.

Time to rethink Team USA?
If you’ve been following the World Baseball Classic (and it appears not a lot of you have), Team USA is doing about as well as our hockey team did at the Olympics. Let’s face it; these aren’t “teams.” They are a collection of players. There’s a difference. Team USA is losing to real teams. A team won the “Miracle on Ice.” They were a group of players who put team and country before paycheck and endorsements. The truth is, we’re getting beat at our own game. We did beat South Africa, however. I do believe Bill O’Reilly would say it’s all quite ridiculous.

Hollywood hooey.
Two new movie projects are getting big buzz: remakes of Welcome Back Kotter and Dallas. That’s the best they can come up with? And they wonder why attendance is down. If you don’t deliver, they won’t come. Especially when it costs about 25 bucks for a ticket, cold popcorn, and watery soda.

Quote o’ the week.
"The court has decided to turn this into a secret and closed session,” –Chief Judge Raouf Abdel-Rahman after yet another rant by Saddam Hussein at his trial. Thanks judge. It’s time to end this circus and get on with justice. Too many American soldiers have died for this farce to continue any longer.

Who needs animation when you have clever folks like this to produce your opening sequence? This is an instant Net classic.
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