Monday, March 13, 2006

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Let’s talk tech and computing!

Origami? Absolutely!
Rumors continue to swirl (Why do rumors swirl anyways?) about Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. In fact Microsoft might be taking a page from the book of Apple when it comes to letting the ’net do the marketing! Here’s a possible sneak preview of the next big thing. And that could be a problem. It’s still a little too big.
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Just Google Microsoft.
And you’ll find the folks in Washington getting ready to launch a new-and-improved search engine. A beta test site is up and running.
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Meanwhile, back at the iRanch …
I’m not sure whether this is real or not, but feast your eyes on what could be the next-generation video iPod! And you might be able to buy one as soon as April. reports the folks at Apple are close to signing a deal to distribute full-length movies, and this little unit would come out at the same time.
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Pong: The next generation.
OK, I’m dating myself here, but I remember dropping a lot of quarters in a machine called Pong. Back in the day it was quite the deal. Pong was a new technology called a “video game.” Not much to it, especially compared with today’s offerings. So what does a cutting-edge video game company come up with? Pong! For Xbox!
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Your cell phone on steroids.
Much has been made of converging technologies; your cell phone doubling as a MP3 player is an example. One problem, at least so far, is storage. Samsung just raised the bar.
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OK, you got your BlackBerry. Now comes reform.
“CrackBerry” addicts are breathing a huge sigh of relief. A drawn-out court case has been settled for over 600 million dollars. What’s the real story? Patent reform. Look for big changes in the system, and soon.
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Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) –“Half of all malfunctioning products returned to stores by consumers are in full working order, but customers can't figure out how to operate the devices, a scientist said on Monday.” And that’s why Video Professor continues to grow!

Off topic

Made in America?
I know a lot of you NASCAR fans are buzzing about Toyota’s entry into Cup racing next season. And to no one’s surprise, some of the opinions are rather heated! But did you know of the four brands that will race next year, only one is manufactured in America? It’s Toyota! The Ford Fusion, Chevy Monte Carlo SS and Dodge are manufactured in Mexico or Canada.

And the winner is …
Is it just me, or did it seem like more people watched the Oscar telecast than actually saw the nominated movies? And how could Crash be an upset winner? It was nominated for best movie, wasn’t it?

Speaking of sports.
Whew! NFL owners and players finally figured out a way to split all their billions of dollars. I was worried about them. And have you heard about the new book detailing the chemical enhancements Barry Bonds made to hit all those home runs? Who knew?

Quote o’ the week
When you can go bogey-bogey on holes 71 and 72 and still win the tournament, it means one of two things. Your name is either Tiger or Woods.

Site o’ the week
In honor of this Sunday’s premier of the Sopranos.
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