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John W. Scherer Video Professor blog May 5th 2006

Will May Blogs Bring June Flowers?

Let’s talk tech and computing!

Citywide Wi-Fi® creating challenges for users
Large, citywide Wi-Fi networks have been in the news a lot lately; but cities that have already implemented Wi-Fi networks have found them more complicated than they first thought. Bandwidth and performance simply haven’t lived up to citizens’ expectations.
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You needn’t wait for your town or city to create a wireless network. Create one in your home using my new Learn Wireless Networking lessons.

Big Brother: your ISP...
Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette has proposed that e-mail and Internet providers retain records of their customers’ online activities, records that could enable law enforcement officials to identify each user. The idea is also supported by the Justice Department.
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Internet use to make life’s major decisions is way up!
A recent survey of Americans online found that over the last two years, 60 million Americans used the Internet to research major life decisions like buying a home or car, to help with a major illness, or to decide where to send their children to college.

That’s a 54% increase over a similar study done in 2002! Researchers suspect the growth of broadband has made it easier for Americans to find the information they’re looking for.
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I get by with a little spam from my friends.
Most of us are now able to recognize spam, and we’ve even begun to rely heavily on spam filters. Don’t relax yet ... the next generation of spam will be able to copy e-mail addresses from your in-box and write realistic replies to your e-mails! Read More >

Caught surfing at work? Should you be fired?
Caught planning your next vacation on the Internet while you’re at work? You’re not alone; millions of us are guilty of using the Internet for personal use at the office. Up to 3.7 hours per week!

A New York City judge John B. Spooner has recently ruled in a case by stating “It should be observed that the Internet has become the modern equivalent of a telephone or a daily newspaper, providing a combination of communication and information that most employees use as frequently in their personal lives as for their work.”
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College professors ban laptops to improve education
More and more college professors are banning laptops in their classrooms. Findings show that students retain classroom dialog more while participating and listening than when they spend their time typing . . . and then there are those who are just playing online games instead of paying attention in class.
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How the Internet can isolate kids
82% of kids are online by the seventh grade. The Internet is a place where less-popular kids can become obsessed in alternate realities they create for themselves, so much so that they become isolated in their online world.
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Off topic
A tip of the hat to Tony Snow, now former FOX news guy and new White House Press Secretary. I got to know Tony working with him on supporting our wounded troops. I was also a guest on his show. Tony is smart and tough: just the guy to take on the White House Press Corp, or mob, depending on the day! Good luck Tony!

Britney hires a babysitter.
Not for her baby, but for her hubby. Britney has had enough with the partying ways of her hubby. She’s hired a guard to escort him around, make sure he behaves, and to report directly to her if he doesn’t.

Quote o’ the week
“Henry Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record.” -MLB commish Bud Selig responding to questions of whether there would be a celebration when Barry Bonds passes Babe Ruth’s home run record. I guess this means no celebration.

Dumb idea o’ the week
Filling up your gas tank these days is an ongoing shocker. A gallon of gas is around three bucks a pop these days. Some yahoo Senators came up with the idea of a $100 rebate. How insulting. Instead of actually working to develop a sound energy policy, they think they can buy us off for a hundred bucks. And they didn’t mention that the rebate would be taxable! Shameful, and yet another reason to clean house in D.C.

Site o’ the week.
OK, this isn’t exactly Pixar Studios, but it’s a start!
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