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John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog May 26th 2006

John W. Scherer Video Professor Blog May 26th 2006

Technically Speaking!

Yahoo! and eBay Team Up
Two online giants announced a partnership they hope will help them surpass Google and Microsoft. Yahoo! and eBay have teamed up to try and contact even more Web surfers than they already do. According to reports, Yahoo! will have exclusive rights to all graphical advertising on eBay, plus the eBay toolbar will now include Yahoo! search capabilities. For sometime now, Video Professor has helped people Learn How to Buy and Sell on eBay with its educational CD, and now that the online auction house has collaborated with Yahoo!, it is only going to give buyers and sellers more resources to make it big.
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A Vista in Sight
The end is near. The end of the waiting, that is. The world has been eagerly waiting the arrival of Microsoft’s new operating system, Vista. According to Bill Gates, a second beta version of Vista has hit the street and the official launch is still on schedule to arrive in January. Proponents of the new operating system say that Vista features new and efficient ways to search for and organize your computer’s files, has new communication tools and offers a cleaner desktop.
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Closing the Ole Phishing Hole
I love when major computer and computer software companies are proactive when it comes to stopping Internet and “phishing” scams. To date, Microsoft has filed 125 civil lawsuits and shut down many “phishing” web sites since 2004. When major players like Microsoft step up, it really helps in making the Web more secure. Evidence of this came this week, when a “phisher” in Iowa was sentenced to 21 months in jail for running an Internet scam.
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Yahoo! Millionaires
It’s sad really. For all the good that can be found on the World Wide Web, there is just as much trash. So much for an honest day’s work; in Lagos, Nigeria a 14-year-old boy has hacked out his own little niche and become a “Yahoo! Millionaire.” After purchasing laptops, PDAs, etc. with stolen credit cards, this young man then sells the items on the black market.
I don’t know what is worse: that people are able to build fortunes in this manner, or that we don’t work harder to stop it.
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Off topic: Live forever?
Are humans destined to live forever? If so, is this really a good idea? Some scientists now believe that our lives could be extended by several decades, if not forever. Tinkering with human life will take us down some slippery roads. I love my job. The thought of working forever really intrigues me, but the thought of working forever disenchants me. If I know that I’m going to live forever, I’ll never be able to give up working and focus on different experiences in my life. Also, movement up the corporate ladder will soon become nonexistent. There will be nothing to motivate young workers looking to get ahead. If they are stuck behind some geezer who has no plans of leaving the post, how is that going to help productivity?
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A “Lego” Up on the Competition
Congratulations, Jason Poland. There are many kids around the country that are suffering from career envy. Poland won his own version of “American Idol” and was named Legoland California’s newest “master model builder.” After cruising through a regional competition, Poland beat out 23 other finalists in a grueling, two-day competition that tested their creativity and Lego skills. Each contestant, on Day 1, was asked to show off their basic skills by creating a face and an egg. But, the real test came during Day 2’s build-off, where each finalist got two hours to let their imaginations run wild. What earned Poland the prize? A fire-breathing snowman captivated the audience.
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Now, is there something to help my slice?
Finally! I dreamed of this product many, many times when I’ve been alone in the woods searching for my golf ball. These glasses are a stroke of genius that will definitely save me strokes.
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Quote o’ the week
“This conviction brings to a close the government's effort to send a clear message to the corporate world that fraudulent behavior won't be tolerated,'' said David Irwin, a former state and federal prosecutor who now handles white-collar criminal defense cases in Baltimore, in regards to the Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling convictions.

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