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A Memorable Indy 500

A couple weeks ago I had the great fortune to spend Memorial Day weekend at the Brickyard for the Indianapolis 500 and was treated to a great race. But the one memory of the weekend I’ll cherish forever was meeting the F-16D Fighting Falcon pilots of the 181st Fighter Wing “The Racers” of the Indiana Air National Guard based at Hulman Field in Terre Haute, IN. The crew performed the pre-race flyover. It was truly a wonderful experience for me to spend time with these American heroes.

Who’s Driving?
Have you ever wondered what happens to your hard drive once you upgrade to a new computer? We all just assume that the contents get destroyed and we never hear from it again. Imagine the surprise Hank Gerbus of Cincinnati, Ohio, got when he found out that someone had purchased his old hard drive. Mr. Gerbus was alarmed because his old hard drive contained sensitive information including social security numbers of his family members, investment information and account numbers. There is a great lesson here for us all. We can never be too careful about what happens to our computers once we upgrade. Make sure you take precautions and guard yourself because you never know who will end up with them.
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Bigger Is Better
Just when we thought that the world of electronics was “downsizing,” it appears that computer manufacturers are once again going big. In an era of tiny cell phones, PDAs and video on 2.5-inch screens, some companies have decided that bigger is better. New laptops on the horizon will feature 19 and 20-inch LCD screens, and frankly, I couldn’t be happier. As it gets more difficult for me to read my e-mail on a tiny PDA screen, a new jumbo laptop will give my eyes a break.
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Parents Are Keeping a Watchful Eye
The Internet is an incredible resource, and it’s becoming an even more useful tool for kids. On the other hand, parents are growing increasingly leery of what is lurking in cyberspace. According to a recent survey conduced by Insight Research Group, 77 percent of parents know how important the Web is providing educational material for their kids. But 80 percent of parents are concerned that some bad seeds out there may be prowling. “They see this incredible potential, and they know their kids have to be there, but it's also what they are scared of most," said James Stever, CEO of Common Sense Media. Fortunately, 88 percent of parents believe it’s essential to know exactly where their kids are surfing. If more parents take the time to find out what sites their kids regularly visit, the World Wide Web will be a safer place.
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Off topic:
A Big Disappointment
SPOILER ALERT: If there is anyone who has yet to see the season finale of The Sopranos, please skip to the next note. I’m going to jump on a soapbox for a moment. This show has been too good for too long and I truly believe us faithful viewers were vastly disappointed with the second-to-last season that just concluded. Either the writers are setting up an amazing last season, or the show is simply losing its punch. The season finale last week was less than stellar. Other than seeing Christopher revisit his “demons,” the finale gave us really nothing to look forward to. Midway through the finale, it appeared that we might get what we’ve all been asking for—a tussle between the New Jersey family and the New York family—but Tony stepped in and cleaned the slate. A plea to the writers: Please go out with a bang in the coming season.

No Wool Over Their Eyes
Here’s some advice for all you recent college graduates, or for any potential job seekers. If you don’t have enough experience on your resume to land that dream job, you better not fudge the truth to gain an edge. If you think that employers aren’t going to check, think again.
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“Hell” (Michigan) Has Its Day
Well 6-6-6 has come and gone, and frankly, I wasn’t too worried. There was a ton of hype (especially from Hollywood) over last Tuesday’s oddity in which the month, day and year matched the famous digits of the underground. A town in Michigan, however, decided to celebrate this event. Other than a big party and a gathering of interested tourists, nothing unusual happened in the town of H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.
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We “Beer-ly” Knew You
I never thought I’d see the day when a gadget would replace beer as the “in” thing on a college campus. According to a recent survey, iPods are now more popular among undergraduate college students than drinking beer. Parents, I guess, will be happy that their money isn’t being wasted on beverages anymore.
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Site o’ the week
Have you ever wished you had the perfect ice-breaker at a party? Well, if you’re the type of person who loves random facts and enjoys filling your brain up with useless facts and figures, this site is for you.
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