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John W. Scherer Video Professor blog May 12th 2006

John W. Scherer Video Professor blog
May 12th 2006

Talking tech!

Is the end in sight?
I’ll admit that I wasn’t the first person in my neighborhood to learn how to use the Internet. Since that time, however, I’ve realized I do more on the Web now then ever, including this blog. I can find virtually anything I want on the Web. As Internet usage continues to become a bigger part of our lives, it has even changed our morning routines. It appears that fewer and fewer of us are taking the time to sit down with our morning coffee to peruse the morning news. Average U.S. newspaper circulation has dropped 2.5 percent, while readership on newspaper web sites rose eight percent to 56 million in the first quarter. If someday the daily news only gets delivered to our Outlook accounts, the nation’s paperboy population will become extinct.
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Rockwell knows best
I think the one-hit wonder from the 1980s, Rockwell, said it best: “I always feel like somebody’s watching me!” Last week I talked about Internet service providers retaining records of customers’ online activities. Well, it looks like the government has taken “big brother” to the next level. USA Today is reporting that The National Security Agency has been gathering data from every telephone call made in the United States since the 911 attacks. According to the report, more than 200 million people have been subjected to call monitoring.
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You’ve been warned
Since we’re in the business of helping people learn computers, I feel it’s necessary to pass along “critical” information to you when I see it. Microsoft said this week that they have discovered two “critical” software flaws that potentially could allow hackers to seize control of your computer. The flaws were detected in its Windows operating system as well as its business Exchange software. A patch can be downloaded from Microsoft’s web site.
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Mow no mo’?
Spring has sprung and with temperatures rising, so is the length of our lawns. The only time I like to cut the grass is with a 7-iron on the approach. But I may be in luck. A group of researchers may have stumbled upon a way to regulate growth in plants. According to Joanne Chory from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, these scientists can elevate or subtract the level of steroids in plants that control growth. By tweaking these levels, they think they can “dwarf grass” and keep it short. A major drawback I see, however, is men will have to come up with new excuses for getting out of trips to the mall on Sundays.
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Go ask you father!
With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we are racking our brains trying to come up with the perfect gift for Mom. Well, if your mother has a penchant for technology, computer technology and gadgets, this gift guide may provide some enlightenment.
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Off topic:
Go, Danica, go!
I know it’s a shameless plug, but I want to wish our friend, Danica Patrick, nothing but the best of luck as she prepares for the upcoming Indianapolis 500. Talk about burning the candle. Not only is she preparing for the race, but she also recently concluded a week-long media tour to promote her new book "Danica: Crossing the Line." Good luck down the stretch! Tillie and I will be watching.
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A penny for your thoughts. Make that two pennies.
Paul Harvey reports this week that it now costs the mint more to make a penny or a nickel than the coin is actually worth! Apparently the cost of the metal continues to soar. So I guess a nickel isn't worth a plugged nickel!

A “lax” in judgment
I’m all for helping kids with school, but don’t you think this is taking it a bit far?
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Quote o’ the week
“In my heart, it's hard for me. I like to do things in Babe's name. I just don't want his name mixed up in steroids.” ~ Babe Ruth's granddaughter, Linda Tosetti.

Site o’ the week
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